Magic 2014: Wrap-Up Part 3

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It’s no Beast Within

Bramblecrush is sort of like Acidic Slime‘s and Beast Within‘s love child. They decided it would basically be a Sorcery (worse than Instant or Creature in this case) and would destroy anything but creatures , including planeswalkers (better than Acidic Slime and worse than Beast Within). The end result is rather unexciting because it’s too fair and that’s not something most Magic: the Gathering players like. We like that little extra oomph that is sometimes included with our cardboard crack.

Howl of the Night Pack

howl of the nightpack

The Wolf Pack reunites after ‘the Hangover’

It’s really nice to see this card back as we are constantly sold out of it. It sells really really well. Casual players love it and it’s actually not terribly bad in a Monogreen Commander deck either. The fact that it makes wolf tokens works great with Master of the Wild Hunt.

master of the wild huntMonogreen removal!

Hunt the Weak

hunt the week

This should be winning some hideous art contest soon

Just another reprint under another name. Not particularly exciting outside of the real of limited Magic.


Lay of the Land

lay of the land

It kinda suck that they could not just use the original artwork

This is strictly worse than Caravan Vigil, a card which saw like zero play.

Draw your own conclusion from there.


Manaweft Sliver

manweft sliver

‘Sliver Ramp’ or ‘Paradise Sliver’

We have seen Gemhide Sliver in the past , but just like all other slivers in M14 this one only affects your Slivers. Even in non-sliver decks it does provide acceleration into a turn 4 play on turn 3, which is great (much like Farseek allowed a turn 3 Olivia Voldaren or Huntmaster of the Fells in Jund decks).

With no assured ramp spell in Theros, this card may indeed be replacing Farseek as the Standard Rampant Growth variant.



You tell ’em Garruk !

What more can be said about this awesome card? Nothing, really.

Oath of the Wood

oath of the ancient wood

So, can we have the Enchantress card now please?

It would be nice to get a self-bouncing enchantment or enchantment card drawing effect to go along with this. On its own it obviously rather underwhelming. Even the elf creature on the card seems to be suffering a little.

Ranger’s Guile

ranger's guile

More words of wisdom from Garruk



Even the quote is dull

If you’re gonna go out of your way to reprint this, why not strike up a deal with Geico and make a functional reprint called Gecko.


You can save more on Magic: the Gathering by buying a Fat Pack!

That’s correct you crazy Gecko you! He’s so adorable too. But nooooo! they had to go with the hideous Rootwalla.



Translation: ‘we don’t like your kind ’round these parts! ‘

I know I’m giving these M14 cards a bit of a hard time by mentioning cards whose power level is a bit higher at times, but I really wanted Squall Line here. A nice green finisher plus it sounds like a wrestling move. Oh my gawd, he nailed him with the Squall Line! It’s over!

I do still think it’s a fin uncommon inclusion for limited purposes and potential Standard sideboard hate.



Darksteel Forge

darksteel forge

Elesh Norn quote? Wha?

I was a little confused and unsure that this was a legit card in M14 and I still don’t really see the reasoning behind it. The only real reason I can fathom is that Wizards of the Coast decided to make the card more accessible in the secondary market for EDH/Commander purposes. This somewhat hurts a bit if you’re a seller but in the end it’s good for the players. Not to worry though, it will probably be in heavy demand once people stop cracking them M14 boosters.

Darksteel Ingot

darksteel ingot

Woah? A Koth quote now?

Are they really teasing anther return to Mirrodin? In a world of Keyrunes and Chromatic Lantern, I highly doubt this will see serious play. Of course all the Commander players can rejoice just as they did when Reliquary Tower was reprinted in M13 (for no good reason).



Nice to have this back 

This is exactly the kind of card you want in a Core Set : not too recent and representing a not too common mechanic. Being a judge , I know I’l have to endlessly explain to players exactly how double strike works when the attacking creature kills the lone blocker after the first strike part.

No, you do not get to hit your opponent with a shot of regular damage. The creature was blocked so nothing goes through unless of course the attacker had Trample, in which case all the remaining damage goes through.



This is going to be really annoying to face in drafts

I like the direction Wizards of the Coast is taking with some of the more underwhelming rare artifacts of the past (Jayemdae Tome, Primal Clay,etc) by lowering their rarity and putting them in Core Sets. It shows newer players why this cad may have been somewhat good in the past by giving them a chance to play with it a little.

You don’t get to complain that your rare is some has been card and gain a new appreciation for how the game has evolved over the years (unless of course you are totally against the power creep).

Rod of Ruin

rod of ruin

More bad news for the goblin is that it can almost wipe out a good percentage of their kind

As sad as this sounds: Rod of Ruin can totally dominate the battlefield in a limited environment. It destroys any one toughness creature as well as provides you with a clock. For those unaware of what a clock means, it basically gives your opponent X numer of turns to live unless they can remove the clock. In this case, it’s a rather weak-looking 20 turn clock but you get the point.

Trading Post

trading post

You will soon be able to trade in goats like in ancient Greece when Theros comes out

This card brings back some lukewarm memories. I had picked it to be a sleeper card in M13 and that didn’t go all too well. I ended up trading 3-4$ cards to obtain these. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I was probably on the losing end of those trades in the long run. Even when a monoblack control list featuring Trading Post appeared late in the M13-Scars format, it did not to much to revive Trading Post.

I’m not sure what kind of decks will be running this in the future Standard format, but I think I have enough copies as it stands. Like many cards of this genre, Commander is pretty much the perfect format for it. Pick one up and try it in your EDH/Commander deck and you might be pleasantly surprised if like most people you run a great deal of artifacts in your deck.


Well, not much to see here is there

With only 3 nonbasic lands in M14, we kind of reviewed them already. We could go over the basic lands if you would like, seeing as how they see little play in the current Standard format to the point where it seems most players have forgotten about them. Well, maybe not totally: I still see people rushing to the local store’s Land Station during FNM Drafts.


That’s it then! Prepare to have fun during the Magic 2014 Pre-release on Friday , July 12 or Thursday at midnight if your store does that sort of thing (all the ones here in Montreal do).


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free foil basic land

Magic 2014: Wrap-Up Part 2

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Altar’s Reap

As far as the reprints in this set go, this is one of the better ones. I like it in both limited and constructed since it serves as both a sacrifice outlet and card draw. Works best with zombies like Gravecrawler and its partner in crime: Geralf’s Messenger


Artificier’s Hex

artificier's hex


Some innovation



Wow! Wizards is giving Black a nice new toy and some added reach versus artifacts, well more specifically Equipment.

I like the flavor of this: if there is a living being within the equipment, they get crushed within it. While it doesn’t technically ‘destroy’ the equipmen, we can all agree that the equipment has pretty much been rendered useless. Except of course:


haunted plate mailI really do love this card

Blood Bairn

blood bairn

Ack! a little vampire child

Ah yes, the obligatory Vampire Aristocrat reprint. Although it’s technically weaker since it cannot sacrifice itself.


Child of Night

M14 Vampires are back in full force. Well, actually it looks more like the second string line-up of Vampires.


Dark Favor

Can’t have the white without the black eh?


Diabolic Tutor

diabolic tutor

They really don’t want the new Commander players to miss out on this

Go go Combo decks!

Gnawing Zombie

gnawing zombie


Aw! such a cute Zombizzle! Can we keep it?


Blood Artist with stats and a sac ability, kind of. It’s definitely not unplayable.


Liturgy of Blood

liturgy of blood


This card does not harbor vast potential, regardless of its flavor text

It’s not horrible since you get 3 mana back, but it still actually requires you to have 5 mana to cast. I really hate it personally. Then again, it’s a common so it’s not horrible in limited and perhaps some Pauper decks.


Mind Rot

Can we hope for more new art? Would it make the card better? Nope and Nope.



Nightwing Shade


nightwing shade

Back to haunt your dreams


Shade abilities plus flying = Yay!

almost double the cost to play and activate the abilities = Boo!


Sanguine Bond

sanguine bond


So now we get about 3 months or so of the 2 black enchantment combo. For those of you who are not aware, it comboes with this:

exquisite bloodAll that is required is one point of damage for the whole thing to go off (or one loss of life)

So basically play one on turn 5, then the other on turn 6 and drop a land. Play something like Shock and laugh maniacally because you are truly and ‘Evil Genius’.


Because -2/-2 might actually kill a few creatures and we can’t have that now can we?


Vile Rebirth

Not a terrible reprint, no a great one either. I suppose it may find its way into more eccentric sideboards that are seeking to disrupt reanimator strategies.


Wring Flesh

This actually saw some play when it was in M12, so I wouldn’t be surprised that it does so again in M14. Sure Disfigure is sill probably better but we can’t have ‘everything’ in Magic 2014.




Academy Raider

academy raider

Not too shabby for a little red common


A cute little common that provides some aggro as well as card filtering, so you can hold those lands in your grip and wait for something better to potentially come along.

It would have been much better as a forced discard without the ‘if you do’ clause, obviously. Not sure how high these will go in draft.


Burning Earth

burning earth

There is no escape


So we get a Manabarbs variant which encourages you to play monocolored decks and punishes your opponents that probably play 2-5 color decks. I like it personally, since it’s rather obvious they would not print a hate card like Blood Moon in standard.

Burning Earth is sure to find its way into numerous sideboards for the full year or so that it will be legal in Standard, s pick up your playset now while they’re cheap.

Cyclops Tyrant

cyclops tyrant

Nice flavor text

I don’t think Cyclops’es’ were meant to get any better than this guy



demolishPillage is not coming back, ever

Guess they had to bring this back with Acidic Slime not coming back to the party in M14.

Dragon Egg

dragon egg

A variation of Rukh Egg

You crack the egg and out comes a little Furance Whelp. Not too shabby. Block with it early on then go on the offensive in the late game.

Goblin Shortcutter

There’s usually one of these in Core Sets for limited purposes.



Beautiful Hate

Being a fan of Wayne Reynolds, I absolutely adore the art on this card. Moving on to the card itself – I must say it’s really better than I expected. Its base stats are really nice and its hate ability can get out of hand quickly.

Of course it somewhat harms opponents casting Sphinx’s Revelation but it does a lot versus cards like Think Twice and Azorius Charm as well as Snapcaster Mage (which usually flashes back a blue/White spell). Of course you can always redirect the 2 damage to an opposing planeswalker which is really nice. It also trades with cards like Boros Reckoner which is really valuable since that is one really huge roadblock for a lot of red decks.

Overall I think Wizards of the Coast did a superb job on all the color hate cards. While they do not hose opposing colors, they do become a thorn in their side and give you a good enough advantage over them. I really prefer them over the instant color hate cards ( Flashfreeze, Combust, Celestial Purge, Autumn’s Veil and Deathmark).


The new shatter is back for good.



A nice limited combat trick that can potentially double as the poster for the next Thor movie.


Volcanic Geyser

The instant Blaze finisher in red-based draft or sealed decks


Wild Guess

Works great with…oh wait, Squee was reprinted in Modern Masters


Wild Ricochet

wild ricochet

It’s been a while

It’s really nice to have this card back in the Standard format. I do remember that it was rather effective against a certain card called Cryptic Command. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

Similarly, I believe it can help combat cards like Warleader’s Helix and Sphinx’s Revelation. While you do not get the full benefit in the case of Revelation, it still nets you life and cards (Good!). In the case of Helix, it can pretty much close a game out if your opponent was in ‘Survival Mode’. It will still only net 4 damage overall, since he will helix himself, but gain 4 life (effectively blanking his copy) and then your copy can simply deal 4 to him.

That about ends this Previews article. Be back soon for the final one where we take a look at Green , Artifacts and Lands.

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Magic 2014: Wrap-up

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Well, all 249 have been spoiled !


Angelic Wall

No official art yet! Does anyone care?

I know I don’t.



A ‘blessing’ they changed the artwork

Nice to see they dug up this old fossil just in time. I think it can really be a contender …. in draft.




Oh my!

I want to hate on this card so bad, but I have such fond memories of playing it when I was a beginner. I guess it’s not terribly bad….

It can give you a lot more life versus a token or if you are playing a token deck. Then again, you’d probably prefer a mass boost or a mass removal depending on which side you are on.

Divine Favor

Why bother making a variant of such an awesome card? Reprint it and make everyone happy!





It’s actually not THAT bad. Having played in the Time Spiral block limited format, I can vouch for this card’s effectiveness.




By all means, stop reprinting

Still not good on a planeswalker (since you sacrifice them when they go to Zero loyalty or under. Maybe we’ll see this in some ‘wacky’ enchantment deck.


They had to bring it back since it’s the ‘basic’ creature control card. I mean, whatever else would we do to deal with Thragtusk and the like?

Pay no Heed

pay no heed

Yet another Bonfire hoser

That’s riiiiight! All the damage! Damn you overpowered white cards! *shakes fist*

Pillarfield Ox

A Sunspire Gatekeepers with no upside? Oh riiiight, the 4 toughness IS the upside.

Silly me!


Planar Cleansing

 planar cleansing

For when you want everything to go bye bye!


They couldn’t reprint Cataclysm or something?

Just kidding!

I suppose they still need to keep those planeswalkers under control.


Siege Mastodon

Found in 1 out of 3 white based draft decks.



That should be Sin Collector being quoted there

For when you want to make it into a non-interactive affair. Seriously did they need to really reprint this thing? I don’t think it’s hard to pick up in the secondary market AND the modern deck that runs this card is pretty much dead.

I think Grand Abolisher would have been more appropriate and more appreciated as well.


grand abolisher

Sorry pal, maybe next Core Set

Solemn Offering

An ‘acceptable’ Disenchant variant.

Suntail Hawk

suntail hawk

Try not to crash into Flying Men little hawk!

Half a Squadron Hawk in every way! Some would even say a quarter of a Squadron Hawk.

I enjoy vanilla once in a while too, but this is a little ridiculous no?

Wall of Swords

wall of swords

Ah! trusty wall made out of sword!

Nothing beat a good old Wall of Swords.

Except: how does it manage to just float in the air all on its own? Magic….oh yeah, ‘Magic’.






The pauper Snapcaster Mage

It’s like a Gravedigger for your instants and sorceries. If she can trade with an opposing creature on top of it, you will gain even more value out of her.

This card is by no means meant to be a real deal in constructed formats, but boy is it fun in limited! I look forward to once again drafting up a Red/Blue deck full of burn, bounce and utility dudes.

Archaeo comes from the Greek ‘ancient’

Mancer usually refers to the manipulator of a certain element or simply a magician

Now that you know this, you can sleep a little better.

Armored Cancrix

It’s a crab in armor. How funny! We got it the first time Wizard of the Coast, no need for a repeat performance.


What? were you all expecting Counterspell ?

I think even something like ‘Deprive‘ would have been asking for too much?



Will it be better or worse?

I suppose they really need to test out how well that new ‘Legend’ rule is going to work with the Theros block. No better way to do this than to reprint the original.

Coral Merfolk

I guess you might need one – IF you plan on making an all-merfolk Commander deck.


Simple yet effective. It does sometimes see a semblance of competitive play.



Now an M14 Rare

I feel really cheated that this thing is now a rare. What brought upon this change? It’s sure as hell not Control Magic, not by a longshot ( and even that card was an uncommon).

Essence Scatter

This and Negate – Core Set forever!

Merfolk Spy

As a 1/1 for one blue mana, it has TWO more abilities than Coral Merfolk. How insane is that?


Good old reliable! I still like having no really good counterspells so as to force players to decide between this and Essence Scatter.



not to be mistaken for that archaic accounting software

A nice ‘Johnny‘ style of card. You can probably do some insane plays with it, plus it actually draws you a card so it’s not totally a dead draw when you’re out of gas.

Scroll Thief

Not really as good as Ophidian was now that the Constructed formats are more creature-heavy.

Spell Blast

spell blast

Much needed new artwork

Another counterspell? I’m still not sure how I feel about this one, but I’m guessing that most of the time you’re simply overpaying to counter stuff.

Time Ebb

time eb

That poor bear!

Azorius Charm minus the combat restriction, but at sorcery speed and one mana more.


Tome Scour

If only it somehow had a Relentless Rats clause…



Now back with a change in rarity!

Not only is this no longer that great of a mill card, but they have the audacity to bump this up to mythic ratity? Really?

This is like in all those ‘mill’ decks that never work. I would much rather play the other blue mythic in this set: Jace, Memory Adept


EDIT: So finally it’s still a Rare, I apologize for the misinformation.

Water Servant

Half an Aetherling, in cost only.

Its efficiency gets cut down by half, then half again and again.

Zephyr Charge

zephyr charge

*Gasp!* a new card!

It’s actually not that bad as you don’t have to waste your turn 4 to play something like Levitation. Now that was bad!


Getting rather tired at this moment, so I’ll be back with the rest of the cards tomorrow. Good night!

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Magic 2014: Lifebane Zombie and More …

m14 logo

Let’s get to it!

Lifebane Zombie

lifeban zombie

Zombizzles are sort of back

All bummed out about the Innistad block Zombies rotating out in November? Well, don’t be! You still get about 3 months to enjoy them. M14 even brings in a new recruit into the ranks. Although most of the time he might probably be sitting on the sidellines.

He hates on Green and White (black’s enemy colors) AND has evasion. His stats are pretty bad, but if you’re getting in for 3 once in awhile it’s not too bad. You basically get to drop him on turn 3 and pre-emptively deal with a Thragtusk, Trostani, Angel of Serenity and Restoration Angel. Nice!

If you’re playing him in a Zombie tribal deck you also have Cavern of Souls to make sure he sticks. Another thing he’s good at is supporting your discard spell and making sure you don’t ‘accidentally’ get them to discard a Loxodon Smiter (always a pain).

loxodon smiterYeah, this guy

I can see hi fitting in some kind of black-white discard aggro deck with Sin Collector, Liliana of the Veil and Liliana’s Reaver. Of course the white is also to partially double up on the enter the battlefield abilities by playing Restoration Angel. And you might even want to consider a copy of this:

stronic resonatorDouble your value – Double your fun!

I really like that it allows us to permanently deal with Angel of Serenity. This card is such a pain to play against and it becomes a bigger headache in multiples. All in all, it’s nice to see black getting this nice little boost as I feel that it’s the most underplayed color in the current standard format (with Red or White being the most played.)

Imposing Sovereign

imposing sovereign


Blind Obedience on legs

Imposing Sovereign is sure to revitalize the White Weenie archetype. Just like it’s enchantment counterpart it makes Advent of the Wurm and Restoration Angel lose a bit of their effectiveness. I’m little befuddled as to why the creature type is simply ‘Human’ . Would it have been a stretch to make it an ‘Advisor’ or something?

Dismiss into Dream

dismiss into dream

The blue ‘Abyss’?

I was joking at a local card shop as to how ridiculous this card is. At 7 mana however, I don’t see it entering the realm of competitive Magic. Still, your opponent’s creature basically gain the disadvantages of cards like Phantasmal Image. If you have an easy way to target over and over for free or almost free – you’re set!

In commander this basically becomes downright unfair. All your pingers basically one-shot anything with needed cards like Basilisk Collar. Plus it takes card of indestructible dudes like this guy.

Encroaching Wastes

encroaching wastes

Finally, we can run something other than Ghost Quarter

Nice! we get a Wasteland variant in Standard! Tectonic Edge was pretty decent when it was in Standard (plus it’s even run in a few Modern decklists). This one feels a little more underwhelming still. Kind of like it had a little label that said:

“In case of emergency, crack land!”

I mean, 4 mana ? Really? I guess the Theros lands are going to be crazy good for this effect to cost 4 mana. We don’t get any dual lands or other lands in Magic 2014 for those of you who are not aware. So basically pick them up now and hope you get to use them productively later.

Barrage of Expendables

barrage of expendables

A really great throwback

Ever since there was that Red/White/Black Zombie Bombardment deck in Legacy, people have been reacquainting themselves with Goblin Bombardment. This card is a great tribute to the might enchantment.

goblin bombardment

I wish I had an army of Goblins

Barrage of Expendables will probably see play in a Red/Black Zombies list just like Mortarpod had a few years ago. There’s also other things you can do – like run it in a Boros deck to have your Fiend Hunters permanently remove opposing creatures while maybe even taking down an additional 1-toughness creature. It’s also a great way to defend yourself against Boros Reckoners. You block them and sacrifice your creature before damage is deal, that way the Boros Reckoner is temporarily contained while your life total is preserved.

You can also use it against decks running cards like Supreme Verdict so that you can get some extra ‘reach’ against them by doing a few extra points of damage. Also, you can sacrifice anything they target with cards like Warleader’s Helix (soon to see much more play) so that they don’t get to gain 4 life. Likewise, it can be used to tick down opposing planeswalkers when you are unable to attack them.

Here’s a few other suggestions thanks to our good friend ‘Gatherer’.

Tenacious Dead

tenacious dead

They really want us to miss Reassembling Skeleton, huh?

Voraciosu Wurm

voracious wurm

Why must they always print superior Grizzly Bears ?

A few more reprints were confirmed as well:

Rewind, Sign in Blood, Briarpack Alpha, Gladecover Scout, Verdant Haven, Plummet

Yeah, nothing exciting aside from maybe Rewind which was always cute with Flash creatures. Let’s hope the final 50 or so remaining cards contain a few pleasant surprises.

In the meantime, you can Pre-Order your singles here!

m14 preorders

Magic 2014: Garruk, Caller of Beasts

garruk m14

The art on the left is ok, but Damn! that black foily version is sexy!

We finally got our M14 Garruk spoiled and boy is he something.


At +1 we get basically a Lead the Stampede which is rather nice in a creature-heavy. We have become accustomed to those as of late with Naya-colored decks (those that already run Domri Rade). It’s nice, sure but nothing to get too excited about. We are paying six mana for this guy after all and we would like to be rewarded.


Now we’re talking! we pay 6 mana for basically what is a Dramatic Entrance. Cute and potentially insane. In the current standard, the biggest baddest dude you can plop down is this guy:


worldspine wurm


That’s a lot of Wurm meat

Of course, if you’re going to go this route you better make sure you have some kind of sacrifice outlet so that you can benefit from the 3 5/5 Wurm tokens that this thing can churn out.

wurm token

Also known as the Advent of the Wurm token

More trample is what green needs I always say. But seriously, this might have a legitimate shot of happening in future Standard. Of course you can use his ability in Commander to cheat this next guy into play.


Who plays Natural Order anyways ?


Um….what? yeah! You get to do silly things once you hit that ultimate. So cast random mana dork, go get big huge effect fatty from deck and unleash all kinds of fun. Repeat as you wish, preferably with some little creature you can bounce back into your hand and re-cast.

The possibilities are pretty endless on that -7. Kind of like your whole deck is in ‘Omniscience‘ mode. Your creature spell just needs to be cast and not actually resolver. You know how to cast creature spell don’t you? Just put your finger on the appropriate land cards and tap.


Black foily version?

Of course if you’re like me (total fanboy) you won’t just settle for cracking a M14 Garruk in a pack or even getting a shiny one. You’re obviously after the big loot.


m14 garruk black foil

Looking for this?

I mean, seriously, how cool is this? It looks more like a comic book cover than a Magic: the Gathering card. It’s one of five M14 planeswalkers available in alternate art black foil. You can only get the at the Hasbro booth at the San Diego Comicon.

The exclusive MTG cards are not on that page but they are confirmed. I really wish I could go grab some or at least convince anyone headed down there to pick me up a set of the 5 black foil planeswalkers. Reply to this post if you can do me that favor. Otherwise, I would have to try to get a group of us from Montreal to head down to San Diego.

Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 5

We finally get more relevant goodies from M14 and we’ll start off with the big one:




I guess it makes sense with Slivers being back

Nice, so they give us a rare worth opening packs for! Despite being a reprint and just a rare versus a mythic this card will be in rather high demand. It allows us to do pretty nice tricks in limited and constructed. In Standard, it wil be a manland that will be there to ready to attack opposing planeswalkers.

On another note, the lands have yet to be spoiled. Seeing as how they give us one manland, do you think we will get these?


We can hope right?

Returning Planeswalkers

returning walkers m14

Well, Ajani and Liliana were definitely coming back (plus Jace had a new version in Return to Ravnica)

Most probably this means we get a new Chandra (more or less confirmed) and Garruk. Will there be a wildcard planeswalker (Karn or a Sarkhan variant)? That would indeed be nice. The Chandra’s Phoneix reprint more or less that as usual one of Chandra’s abilities will deal the player damage, but that’s about it. Garruk’s Horde being reprinted just kind of sucks.

Celestial Flare


WW Instant

Target player sacrifices an attacking or blocking creature


Well, we at least get this for the few months that Geist of Saint Traft and company are legal. Respond to the Geist’s token-making ability and kill the little bugger. Of course this only really applies against decks like Bant Hexproof.


Shivan Dragon


Not all reprints are created equal

Shimmering Grotto


For that extra splash color in draft

More to come …

As the release of M14 approaches, we will bringing you more previews from this set, so keep an eye out!

Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 4

It’s time for even more Magic 2014 (M14) spoilers. This time we start off with this little gem:


Brave the Elements

bravetheelements (1)

It’s back to make white weenie viable again

For those of you who were sick and tired of losing your little weenie horde to a Bonfire of the Damned (miracled or not), Wizards has the answer for you. Mind you this will probably be more played in a Green/White aggro style of deck but who knows – we might yet see a real white weenie contender.

Its offensive capability is rather great as it can allow pretty much your whole team through something like a wall of Thragtusk or 3/3 Beast tokens if you’re going in for the killing blow. I can’t wait to get a chance to play this again in Standard.

Doom Blade


Does it simplify or complicate the black removal suite (Ultimate price, Murder, etc) ?



I thought Wizards wanted to cut down on the instant-speed card drawing

Grim Return


Great card design but mostly Commander material for now



Anyone ‘shocked’ to see this back?

Scavenging Ooze


Awesome! It’s pretty much official at this point

Elixir of Immortality


We’re pretty much all just getting used to it at this point …

Angelic Accord


Well, don’t knock till you try it I guess …

Elvish Mystic


Another Elves 1-drop

Corpse Hauler

corpsehaulerA more aggressive Gravedigger that you can use when you feel like it


soulmenderSoul Brotha?

Lay of the Land


Now you can keep that one-lander!



Just how good will it be?



Finally! an Innistrad reprint!

Accorder’s Shield


Just not the same without this guy

That ends another preview Blog for Magic 2014 and I for one think that the limited experience is sure to be dynamic to say the least. As far as constructed goes, I hope we can still get some more Standard playable cards before the totality of the set is revealed.

Here’s hoping!


Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 4

Time for some ‘Common Sense’ or whatever I would call this edition of the M14 Preview blog.

Let’s start it off with a bang!

Predatory Sliver


Muscle Sliver is back! and this time it only affects your guys (like all M14 Slivers)

Sliver Construct


Vanilla Sliver. Feel the flavor!

Hive Stirrings


Lovely little sliver token generator/Game Day card

Trained Condor


Prepare to play across from this card or with it in draft

Minotaur Abomination


What Boros Reckoner did for the minotaur tribe, this card too away



The longer it lives, the greater value you may get out of it

Shadowborn Apostole


Relentless Rats ability + ‘Combo’ piece for the Mythic Demon of M14

Rumbling Baloth


Solid card for 90’s magic, only limited playable now.

Charging Griffin


Nice quote for such a lame card

Dawnstrike Paladin


Not too bad (for a common) , if only they shave a mana off of it

Marauding Maulhorn


It’s a Juggernaut at worst? Hmmm… not bad

Master of Diversion


 A proactive tapper, nice to see they got rid of the passive ones. They were a huge pain in limited

Advocate of the Beast


Cute common, nice value with Thragtusk. A shame it’s rotating *sarcasm*

Sentinel Sliver


Yep! they’re probably going to use up all the keywords

Striking Sliver


All the keywords!

Hunt the Weak


Drawn by ‘Mockup’ yay!

Blur Sliver


All your keyword are belong to us!

Groundshaker Sliver


Maybe a little too costly for a Sliver

Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 3

Today we’ll take a glimpse at the spoiled M14 Uncommons. Let’s start with the successor to Ponder :


Glimpse the Future


Seems fair. No Delver shennanigans! Maybe Reanimator?

Woodborn Behemoth


Pay 5 now for an average creature that can become rather huge later, not too shabby!

Young Pyromancer


Very nice card and the possibilities are neat with ‘free’ cards like Hidden Strings and Gitaxian Probe

On a small side note: remember that Cipher cards are actually considered cast. This means you can do pretty cool things with things like this card, Delver of Secrets and Nivmagus Elemental.

Molten Birth


Krenko’s Command with a possible upside? Why not?

Steelform Sliver


For those who didn’t know: Sliver are back! This guy makes them harder to destroy.

Battle Sliver


This is what happens when they get angry.



Revenge of the Hunted ‘s successor. Attack the merfolk evil kitty!

Kalonian Tusker


Here’s the beef!

The Staffs

m14 staffs


There’s probably a white one too, just no pic for it. They seem somewhat of in Limited I guess…

Vial of Poison


Cute little removal card, plus you can fetch it with Trinket Mage. Value!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited for Magic 2014 Core Set. It actually seems like a blast to draft and a lot of cards show great potential for fun (oh yeah, there are also some more serious constructed cards too).

Next up:  M14 Commons!


Magic 2014: Spoilers to date

Hey there guys and gals! I’m going to be doing some small previews here and there on the Magic 2014 set that’s being released this summer. Most will be just be some one-liners with pictures as we are really busy doing articles and adding tons of inventory. Here goes:


Hive Stirrings

hive stirrings

GameDay freebie and soon to be sliver deck staple.

Colossal Whale


Great flavor. That’s one hungry whale!

Goblin Diplomats


Nice ability on these guys. Make them swing at you then strike back.

Devout Invocation


Kind of like a slower Entreat the Angels, but pretty need with mana dorks.

Archangel of Thune


A ‘watered down’ Baneslayer Angel.

Windreader Sphinx


Someone at Wizards of the Coast really likes that Isperia ability.

Shadowborn Demon


You get a nice ‘Murder‘ effect out of it and the drawback is not too bad.

Scourge of Valkas


A dragon deck auto-include and upgrade to Shivan Dragon.

Primeval Bounty


Nice little 3-ability enchantment for Commander decks.

Rise of the Dark Realms


Liliana Vess‘s Ultimate – in card form.

Savage Summoning


Now anything can be a Restoration Angel for the cost of a measly Green Mana

This particular card is most likely going to see some serious play. Imagine any creature you wish had flash and pair it with this. Neither will be counterable. Of course it requires a creature in your hand otherwise it will do nothing on its own. This is the kind of rare that’s going to be in huge demand as it’s going to be played in just about all formats that can use it. Be sure to grab foil ones for your Commander deck.

Don’t forget that this is also very very awesome with Snapcaster Mage . But of course, most of you already knew that.

Ajani’s Chosen


Nice! a Rare ‘paneswalker pet’. Looks like Ajani is confirmed for 2014.

Jace’s Mindseeker


Nice ‘mill ‘ creature. It’s somewhat inefficient, but you do get potential value if you mill the right card.

Liliana’s Reaver


This is actually the most efficient pet so far, if only its stats were reversed.

Chandra’s Phoenix


It saw competitive play before. Will it rise from the ashes again?

Garruk’s Horde


Why did they reprint this? I hope that if a new Garruk is in 2014 he’s awesome.

Stay tune for another Spoiler later on as we continue our brief overview of the Magic: the Gathering 2014 Core Set.