Cowboy Bebop joins UFS

The outer space bounty hunters of Cowboy Bebop will be the focus of a new expansion set for Jasco Games’ Ultimate Fighting System multi-genre collectible card game, releasing in November. A reprint set of popular characters, the Capcom Platinum Series will also release next month.
Based on the hit anime series, the Cowboy Bebop Collectible Card Game features all the cards players need to build decks featuring characters like Spike and Vicious and pit them against each other or other UFS fighters from other card sets. Cowboy Bebop will be available both as booster packs or in a 2-player Turbo Box:


The Cowboy Bebop Collectible Card Game Spike vs. Vicious 2-Player Turbo Box includes two complete pre-constructed decks, each with 41 cards, plus a pair of random Ultra Rare cards from the Cowboy Bebop set. This 84-card boxed set is MSRP $24.99 and includes everything two players need to play the game.
Booster Displays of the Cowboy Bebop Collectible Card Game will come with 24 10-card booster packs. MSRP is $3.99 per booster. Players need at least one UFS starter deck or turbo deck to use this expansion.

some ‘swag’

Jasco will support the release with two different Cowboy Bebop Collectible Card Game kits for stores that want to host events that coincide with the release of the new expansion. Both kits include four exclusive Cowboy Bebop playmats and two each of 10 full-art character cards from the expansion. The Pre-Release Kit option also comes with eight booster displays, while the Release Kit also includes six booster displays and eight turbo boxes.

Fans of earlier UFS releases can get a boost with the Capcom Platinum Series Booster Display. The 24 10-card packs in this display feature cards from earlier UFS releases, including the Mega Man Tins, Darkstalkers Tins, Mega Man: Rise of the Masters, and Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night (see “New ‘Mega Man’ and ‘Darkstalkers’ ‘UFS’ Releases”). All of the cards in this set are printed with new card frames and feature foil paper. MSRP is $5.99 per booster.
Jasco acquired a license for Cowboy Bebop games in 2015 (see “Jasco Games Acquires ‘Dragon Ball Z,’ ‘Cowboy Bebop’”).



UFS Platinum Spoilers

Starting later this year, Jasco Games will be releasing a whole new take on some of our older standard legal sets in UFS. UFS Platinum is a series of sets starting with Mega Man Platinum and Darkstalkers Platinum, that are intended to not only help newer players get hard to find older cards, but also incorporate a whole new type of tournament prize support for your local events! Starting with Mega Man Platinum, we will be re-releasing EVERY card from Mega Man including promo cards that were printed prior to Mega Man Battle for Power.

Every card in this set is not only re-printed, but is 100% foil with completely new foil patterns that have never before been seen in previous sets. Each platinum pack comes with 30 foil cards from the entire Mega Man franchise mentioned above as well as 2 completely unique cards that come in each of the Mega Man Platinum boxes (total of 32 foil cards per box). These boxes are intended as prize support for your local tournaments, and will also be available for individual sale. After Mega Man Platinum comes Darkstalkers Platinum which has the same formula and also 2 exclusive cards that are new to the UFS Standard environment (but may be something familiar to our veteran players). We will be showcasing some of these new platinum cards at worlds 2017 so be sure to check them out!




UFS: Mini State of the Game – Post Worlds 2017

Worlds Recap

This year, 40 Teams and 125 singles participants joined us for our largest World Championships in the Jasco Games era! We have seen positive growth every year since we have been publishing UFS, and we only expect our numbers to keep growing.

We’d like to start by congratulating our new World Champions, Tim Keefe and Team Black Bear Diner (William Bryan, Bryce Gross and Jayce Fuentebella) on their first place finishes! You can check out the finals matches on Twitch (and soon YouTube) to see our champions as they make their way onto cardboard.

Overall, we are very happy with our Worlds results. We had an excellent venue, great exposure to new players and local Vegas con-goers, and we were able to give out some of the best participation prize support we have ever handed out! Thanks again to Dex Protection for providing all of our players with premium deck boxes! If you did not get a chance to thank them for supporting our players, please be sure to message them on Facebook, Twitter and their website.



There are still a few things that need settled in the format as we continue our transition in game design. Rotation will have a definite impact on the game as well as some of the defensive pieces added to the card pool with Street Fighter, but there are still a few characters and decks that are not what we intend for the format. We will not be announcing the bans immediately as we need time to test the cards in mind, but you can expect there will be some cards to go in the next couple of weeks.


Street Fighter Updates & Partial Delay

We hope you are all enjoying the new Street Fighter cards after this Pre-Release weekend! We feel this is one of the best select format (“Draft”) sets, ever to come out in UFS. If you haven’t drafted the set yet, we highly recommend you give it a shot. The more you draft, the better you get, and the more you learn new deck types in the set.

The Street Fighter booster cards will all be tournament legal as of May 26th! Please keep this in mind if you are looking to attend the upcoming PTC event in San Antonio.

Also note, the Street Fighter 2-Player Turbo Decks will be legal immediately upon their release in stores.

That having been said, there will be a slight delay on the release of the 2-Player Turbo Boxes. Our US manufacturer has had some difficulties getting these new boxes assembled in a timely manner. They expect them to be finished in the next week, but that means we are looking at a few more weeks until they get through distribution and to your stores. In the mean time, the booster cards will all still be legal for tournament play and your stores will be able to re-stock them until the official release. Upon official release, of the 2-Player Turbo Boxes, your stores can continue to stock boosters but will also be able to get the Chun Li and Ryu Turbo Decks!

We do our best to avoid delays but there are often issues that are out of our hands such as this one, so we appreciate your patience!


Standard Legality List

The Standard legality list has been updated with the upcoming release of Street Fighter.

Standard Legality List – May 26th

Please note that The King of Fighters XIII has rotated into “Jasco Legacy” (working title). KOF Ruler of Time will rotate with Cowboy Bebop, and KOF NeoMax will rotate with Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers. Mortal Kombat is now scheduled for an early 2018 release.


Player of the Year Ranking

The 2017 Player of the Year Ranking will be updated soon with results from both Teams and Singles from the World Championship.