Structure Deck: Cyberse Link Card List

COming out this week in November 2017!

SDCL-EN001 “Digitron” Common Normal Monster
SDCL-EN002 “Dotscaper” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN003 “Cliant” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN004 “Backlinker” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN005 “Balancer Lord” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN006 “ROM Cloudia” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN007 “Boot Staggered” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN008 “Dual Assembwurm” Super Rare Effect Monster
SDCL-EN009 “Cyberse Wizard” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN010 “Backup Secretary” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN011 “Stack Reviver” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN012 “Launcher Commander” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN013 “Tragoedia” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN014 “Summoner Monk” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN015 “Card Trooper” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN016 “Debris Dragon” Common Effect Tuner monster
SDCL-EN017 “Mathematician” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN018 “Crane Crane” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN019 “Magician of Faith” Common Flip monster
SDCL-EN020 “Jester Confit” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN021 “Glow-Up Bulb” Common Effect Tuner monster
SDCL-EN022 “Kinka-byo” Common Spirit monster
SDCL-EN023 “Cynet Backdoor” Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCL-EN024 “Soul Charge” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN025 “Shuffle Reborn” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN026 “D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation” Common Equip Spell Card
SDCL-EN027 “Gold Sarcophagus” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN028 “Mind Control” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN029 “Cosmic Cyclone” Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCL-EN030 “Moon Mirror Shield” Common Equip Spell Card
SDCL-EN031 “Where Arf Thou?” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN032 “Recoded Alive” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN033 “Miracle’s Wake” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN034 “Powerful Rebirth” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN035 “Premature Return” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN036 “Swamp Mirrorer” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN037 “Quantum Cat” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN038 “Storming Mirror Force” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN039 “Dimensional Barrier” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN040 “Ghosts From the Past” Common Norm

al Trap Card
SDCL-EN041 “Encode Talker” Ultra Rare Effect Link Monster
SDCL-EN042 “Tri-Gate Wizard” Ultra Rare Effect Link Monster
SDCL-EN043 “Binary Sorceress” Super Rare Effect Link Monster


Ixalan Store Championship Promos


So you’ve been playing at your store, working your way toward the Store Championship. You’ve battled with Temur Energy, crossed Approach of the Second Sun/Sunbird’s Invocation off your bucket list, and even tried that weird Merfolk deck one crazy weekend. You’ve earned your shot at the title of Store Champion.

But that title—while tantalizing—is only part of the prize. Today, I’m going to show you the rest of it.

First up is a little something you might have already seen—a Champion playmat with the full map of Ixalan on it! This goes only to the big winner.

Next up are deck boxes for the Top 8, featuring new art from Rivals of Ixalan:

And, finally, the part you all actually came here to see, is the full-art card from Rivals of Ixalan you can receive just for participating—and it’s a freakin’ Elder Dinosaur. World, meet Ghalta, Primal Hunger.

Elder Dino, what?

If you’re not sure what’s going on with your Store Championship, check with your local store for how you can participate and what day of the final week in December the event will be held.