Keyforge: Organized Play Program revealed

Fantasy Flight Games has announced an organized play program to support its upcoming “Unique Deck Game” KeyForge, which will kick off with an in-store “Pre-Launch” event on November 10, followed by the game’s official launch on November 15.

Announced earlier this year, KeyForge is a card game designed by Richard Garfield in which every player’s deck is automatically unique out of the box (see “Richard Garfield’s ‘KeyForge’ Puts a New Spin on ‘Unique’”).

Fantasy Flight is promoting the release of the game through a “Pre-Launch” event which will be held on November 10. Participating retailers will have a limited number of KeyForge Archon Decks available for sale, as well as “Learn-to-Play” stations to demo the game. Participants will receive a KeyForge lanyard, and those who purchase an Archon Deck can get a House pin, while supplies last.

The full game itself will release on November 15, and retailers are invited to hold “Launch Parties” that will include a trio of player activities. First, there will be a “Learn to Play” game using fixed decks and the QuickStart Rules, with participants earning Chain Tracker cards. Second, players are invited to register their unique decks in the “Call of the Master Vault” event, earning a House card. Finally, the “Launch Party Tournament” challenges players to compete over four rounds playing different decks each time and earning another House card.

Following the “Launch Party” events, Fantasy Flight will begin the first arc in the game’s on-going organized play scheme, called “Dawn of Discovery.” This phase will focus on getting players up to speed and allowing them to discover the variety of playing styles that the game offers. The program will include weekly play events as well as monthly tournaments offering collectible prizes.



Yu-Gi-Oh! Golden Duelist Accessories

Konami Digital Entertainment has unveiled images and details for its Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Golden Duelist Collection Accessories releasing on February 15. Each of the products will feature gleaming gold and a unique glittering foil while showcasing the iconic cards from the TCG.
The Golden Duelist Collection Duelist Portfolio will include 10 9-pocket pages, allowing players to display up to 180 cards.

The Golden Duelist Collection Card Case can fit a full Main, Side, and Extra Deck (total 70 sleeved cards) and includes a special divider.

The Golden Duelist Collection Card Sleeves Packs will contain 50 sleeves that meet Yu-Gi-Oh!’s tournament regulation standards.

The Golden Duelist Collection Game mat is a rubber mat that is the same size as the Game Mats used as prizes in various Yu-Gi-Oh! sanctioned events.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Dueling format and decks

At New York Comic Con, ICv2 spoke with Konami Digital Entertainment Vice President, Card Business Yumi Hoashi, who had details on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Speed Dueling format launching in January (see “Speed Dueling Comes to ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG'”), and showed us both the Destiny Master and Duelists of Tomorrow Starter Decks and the three preconstructed character decks each contains.

The Speed Dueling format ties closely to Konami’s successful Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links video game, and is designed as an onramp for new TCG players. “[Speed Dueling] is very similar to how the mobile game Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links plays, Hoashi told us. “Each person has 4,000 life points. You only have three monster zones, and it’s a 20-plus card deck. It’s a simpler way to play; it should be great for entry-level players.”
“Each Speed Dueling card, although it’s the same Yu‑Gi‑Oh! card, will have a logo,” she explained. “It’s like a watermark of the Speed Dueling logo on the card itself. For Speed Duel, you can only use the cards that are geared towards the speed duel. You can also use your Speed Duel cards in your current TCG deck, if you want.”

Konami will support the Speed Dueling format with both boosters and organized play. Additional products are planned through 2019. “The card count per pack will be more similar to our Star pack, which had three cards per pack,” Hoashi said. “It’ll contain cards that’ll help the Starter Decks that have already been released.”

“We’re looking at our first booster pack to come out in March,” she continued. “Then over the course of the year, we’ll be releasing more booster packs, and also more starter decks as well that’ll introduce more character decks. We’ll also support it with organized play at the OTS (Official Tournament Store) level, as well as at the premier event level.”

[Japanese version, not U.S. box art.]
Hoashi also shared that the next Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Structure Deck will feature Soulburner, one the characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS animated series. Release is planned for February 15. MSRP is $9.99. Several of Soulburner’s cards debuted in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Soul Fusion Booster set that released this month



UFS: Darkstalkers vs. Street Fighter spoilers



Visit the official page for full spoilers.


New MTG Judge Promos in Fall 2018


We haven’t seen a cool looking Lord of Atlantis since 7th edition. This will probably be the most sought after version of this card really soon.

Already an EDH staple in a fairly short time. Effectively a white counterspell/Time stop, this card is sure to save your bacon quite often in a multiplayer game of Commander.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Banlist effective Sept 17, 2018



Samsara Lotus
Knightmare Goblin
M-X Saber Invoker


A-Assault Core
Elemental Hero Stratos
Morhin Jar
Heavymetalfoes Electrumite
Evilswarm Exciton Knight
A Hero Lives
Card Destruction
Sky-Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones
Super Polymerization


Kozmo Dark Destroyer
Calle dby the Grave
Limited Removal



Apoqliphort Towers
Destiny Hero Disk Commander
Burial from a Different Dimension
Ring of Destruction


Lost CCGs: WWE Raw Deal

Shot Not Taken

There was an explosion of collectible card games (CCGs) in the late 90’s and in the shuffle, a lot of great games got lost in time. If you can find them for cheap, they can actually be a lot of fun. I want to highlight some of these forgotten CCGs in my new blog segment simply called Lost CCGs!

I have to start with Comic Images’ WWE Raw Deal which is probably my favorite “lost” CCG. It was quite popular in its heyday but they couldn’t quite capitalize on the momentum. It is such a shame but not surprising. I found these Paul Heyman and Evolution decks for only $2 each. If my memory serves me right, these are two cornerstones for powerhouse decks.

Raw Deal Evolution and Paul Heyman

I imagine professional wrestling to be incredibly difficult to convert as a card game. There are just so many elements to stimulated a match in a…

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