A New Rarity Debuting in TCG RIRA

Source: https://ygorganization.com/not20thsecretrare/

While we don’t have many details, multiple sources are confirming alternative rarities to some cards, similarto the OCG’s Extra Secret Rares. Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess and Marincess Sea Horse are confirmed. Reports are that it is “incredibly difficult to pull”, but we can not yet determine exactly how rare it is.

An earlier version of this article had us suggesting that perhaps it was every ultra and secret, as a guess. We retracted this as, since we portray ourselves as a credible news source, we should not speculate on information. We apologize for anyone mislead by this speculation, or any false expectations set by this comment.

Structure Deck Rokket Revolt Full Spoiler

Borreload Furious Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Topologic Zeroboros (Ultra Rare)
Quadborrel Dragon (Ultra Rare)
Silverrokket Dragon (Super Rare)
Rokket Tracer (Super Rare)
Absorouter Dragon (Super Rare)
Zero-Day Blaster (Super Rare)

Rokket Recharger
Exploderokket Dragon
Checksum Dragon
Anesthrokket Dragon
Autorokket Dragon
Magnarokket Dragon
Shelrokket Dragon
Metalrokket Dragon
Rokket Synchron
Gateway Dragon
Defrag Dragon
Background Dragon
Labradorite Dragon
+Paladin of Felgrand (not in the OCG Deck)
Dragon Knight of Creation
Keeper of the Shrine
World Chalice Guardragon
Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn
Borrel Supplier
Rapid Trigger
Squib Draw
Quick Launch
Boot Sector Launch
Borrel Regenerator
Dragon Shrine
Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords
Return of the Dragon Lords
Twin Twisters
Execute Protocols
Red Reboot
Link Turret
Mirror Force Launcher
Mirror Force
Magic Cylinder
Imperial Order

Borreload Dragon
Triple Burst Dragon
Booster Dragon

Tiamataon and Keeper of Dragonic Magic were swapped from the OCG counterpart for Paladin of Felgrand and Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords.

Source: https://ygorganization.com/forrealthistime/


Konami announced a Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Impact Special Edition box for this Fall’s booster set (see “‘Chaos Impact’ To Shake Up ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG'”).
Each box will contain 3 booster packs of Chaos Impact as well as 2 of 4 Super Rare variant cards. Super Rares included in the box will be unveiled on Yu-Gi-Oh!’s web site in the coming weeks leading up to the product launch. The Special Edition Box will have a MSRP of $99.90.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Impact Special Edition is scheduled for December 6.

Source: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/43636/chaos-impact-special-edition-for-yu-gi-oh-tcg

Chaos Impact to shake up Yu-Gi-Oh! Tcg

Konami unveiled the latest expansion for its Yu-Gi-Oh!trading card game, Chaos Impact. With 100 cards supporting new and classic strategies, the set is designed to shake up the format and has an October 25 street date.

Players will be able to destroy their own cards to Summon Monsters, and a new Level-8 fiend absorbs opponents’ Monsters as Link Material. Other highlights include support for Marincess, new Gladiator Beasts including one that negates all Monster effects, and new cards for decks Aromage, Dinowrestler, Evil Eye, Salamangreat, Tenyi, and more.

Chaos Impact’s 100 cards include 48 commons, 28 rares, 14 super rares, 10 ultra rares, and eight secret rares. Name and content are tentative as of this date.

Konami will release Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny on September 27 (see “Dark Duelists Featured in New ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Set”).

Source : https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/43546/chaos-impact-shake-up-yu-gi-oh-tcg

Purple was revealed as the sixth color of Magic on stream

Circulating the web right now is a clip from Channel Fireball showcasing a new card back with six colors instead of the traditional five. The hype is real, but is Purple really going to happen?
The whole ordeal happened during a Twitch stream where Maria Bartholdi‏ showcased the new Sol Ring promo card for the viewers. Observant viewer @TheMaverickGal noticed something weird about the back of the card before the reveal happened. It clearly had an extra Purple color!

Interesting card back…

So it really did happen, multiple people starting speculating, retweeting and got hyped. Tolarian Community College jumped in and retweeted the news too and it started gaining real traction all over social media.

Twitch Clip can be seen here

Purple has been discussed before

Wizards have been talking about the sixth color of MTG earlier. Back in Planar Chaos, it was going to be added as a color between blue and black making it WUPBRG. It was intended to only be in that one set, but in the end, they decided to not follow through with it. The reason was that they did not want players to get invested in the color and then never be able to update their purple decks. 

Read more about their intent on making Purple in the following article: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/color-purple-2007-01-29 

Purple would open up a lot of cool possibilities and be a refreshing addition to the established color wheel, but it does sound like a really hard challenge with how balanced the game is right now. We also “recently” got Colorless cards in Battle for Zendikar which do kind of represent a sixth option in the color wheel. So it is also a bit weird for them to go in that direction now.

Fake News?

Maria did comment on the thread with the following

His post can be seen here: https://www.deviantart.com/lordnyriox/art/Magic-the-Gathering-Six-Color-Card-Back-640666595 

So, unfortunately, this is all because of a goof when googling for a  card back image to use for their Sol Ring Promo, which does look amazing by the way. Oh well, it was a fun little hype train to jump on even if just for a little while. What do you think about a new color? and what mechanism would it have?

Source: https://aetherhub.com/Article/Wizards-just-revealed-Purple-as-the-sixth-color-of-Magic-by-a-mistake