Forbidden & Limited Yugioh list Effective from 05/02/2018

The next update after this will be no earlier than April 2018.
Blackwing – Gofu the Vague Shadow
Double Iris Magician
Level Eater
Maxx “C”
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker
Apoqliphort Towers
Grinder Golem
Performage Damage Juggler
Firewall Dragon
Monster Reborn
Solemn Judgment
-No Changes-
Artifact Moralltach
Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
Card Trooper
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Brain Control
El Shaddoll Fusion
Future Fusion
Mind Control
Preparation of Rites
Bottomless Trap Hole
Ojama Trio
Torrential Tribute



Yu-Gi-Oh! Lost Art Promotion

Six of the cards featured in the very first Yu-Gi-Oh! series will be available for the first time outside of Asia with their original “lost” artwork. thanks to Konami’s Lost Art Promotion, launching in February.

During the promotion, players who spend at least $30 on any Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG products at Official Tournament Stores can receive a free “lost art” promo card, while supplies last. Each month, starting in February, a different lost art promo card will be available. The cards included in the promotion will be Monster Reborn, Exodia the Forbidden One, Left Arm of the Forbidden One, Right Arm of the Forbidden One, Left Leg of the Forbidden One, and Right Leg of the Forbidden One.


The six cards included in the promo were all part of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game release in Asia back in 1999, before the game was available in North America. They were inspired by cards used by Yugi himself during the first animated series. The artwork used on these cards in Asia was not used in other countries, and this will be the first time that the original Asian art has been made available to the rest of the world.

Konami has already announced a number of new Yu-Gi-Oh! products that will release during the period covered by the Lost Art Promotion

Yu-Gi-Oh! Flames of Destruction

The Elemental Lords return to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game in the upcoming Flames of Destruction booster set, releasing on Friday, May 4. This will be the last 100-card booster set for the 2017-18 Dueling season.
Based on events from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS era, Flames of Destruction is set in a dark time when Ib, the World Chalice Priestess, uses her abilities to destroy the world through a half-dozen destructive incarnations, represented in the game as new Link Monsters. These cards are designed so they can be used with any deck, or included in a deck constructed solely from cards included in the Flames of Destruction set. The set introduces a fifth Elemental Lord, new Trap Cards, a Spell to revive monsters, and a new Dragon.


The complete Flames of Destruction set includes 100 cards, with 48 common, 20 rare, 14 super rare, 10 ultra rare, and 8 secret rare cards. The cards will be packaged in nine-card booster packs, available in 24-pack display boxes.

Flames of Destruction follows another VRAINS-inspired expansion releasing at the end of March (see “‘Star Pack: VRAINS’ Comes to ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’”). It will release within the timeframe for Konami’s Lost Art Promotion (see “‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ ‘Lost Art Promotion’”).\



Structure Deck: Cyberse Link Card List

COming out this week in November 2017!

SDCL-EN001 “Digitron” Common Normal Monster
SDCL-EN002 “Dotscaper” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN003 “Cliant” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN004 “Backlinker” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN005 “Balancer Lord” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN006 “ROM Cloudia” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN007 “Boot Staggered” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN008 “Dual Assembwurm” Super Rare Effect Monster
SDCL-EN009 “Cyberse Wizard” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN010 “Backup Secretary” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN011 “Stack Reviver” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN012 “Launcher Commander” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN013 “Tragoedia” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN014 “Summoner Monk” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN015 “Card Trooper” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN016 “Debris Dragon” Common Effect Tuner monster
SDCL-EN017 “Mathematician” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN018 “Crane Crane” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN019 “Magician of Faith” Common Flip monster
SDCL-EN020 “Jester Confit” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN021 “Glow-Up Bulb” Common Effect Tuner monster
SDCL-EN022 “Kinka-byo” Common Spirit monster
SDCL-EN023 “Cynet Backdoor” Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCL-EN024 “Soul Charge” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN025 “Shuffle Reborn” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN026 “D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation” Common Equip Spell Card
SDCL-EN027 “Gold Sarcophagus” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN028 “Mind Control” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN029 “Cosmic Cyclone” Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCL-EN030 “Moon Mirror Shield” Common Equip Spell Card
SDCL-EN031 “Where Arf Thou?” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN032 “Recoded Alive” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN033 “Miracle’s Wake” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN034 “Powerful Rebirth” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN035 “Premature Return” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN036 “Swamp Mirrorer” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN037 “Quantum Cat” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN038 “Storming Mirror Force” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN039 “Dimensional Barrier” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN040 “Ghosts From the Past” Common Norm

al Trap Card
SDCL-EN041 “Encode Talker” Ultra Rare Effect Link Monster
SDCL-EN042 “Tri-Gate Wizard” Ultra Rare Effect Link Monster
SDCL-EN043 “Binary Sorceress” Super Rare Effect Link Monster


Yugi-Oh: Circuit Breaker next set to release in Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, Konami Degital Entertainment will release the Circuit Break Booster Box for its perennial favorite Yu-Gi-Oh!  Trading Card Game, scheduled for October 20.

The new set draws on themes familiar to the holiday, with mad scientists, vengeful spirits, and marionettes moving under their own power.  A new Dragon with brainwashing powers, new Link Monsters, insect-like Mekkstrosities, and a variety of new Traps also put in horrific appearances.  A number of old favorites are also lurking about, including the Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.

The complete Circuit Break set includes 100 cards, with 8 Secret Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, 14 Super Rares, 20 Rares, and 48 Commons.  Cards are packaged in 9-card booster packs, which have an MSRP of $3.99 each.  Boosters will come in 24 pack display boxes.

Konami will also release a set of dragon-themed decks in October (see “Dragons Rule in ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!  TCG:  Legendary Dragon Decks’”).



Yugioh Banlist Update March 21, 2017


Monster/Effect THE TYRANT NEPTUNE Forbidden Limited New
Monster/Effect MAJESPECTER UNICORN – KIRIN Forbidden Limited Was Limited
Trap VANITY’S EMPTINESS Forbidden Limited Was Limited
Monster/Effect MAXX “C” Limited Was Semi-Limited
Monster/Effect RESCUE CAT Limited Was Forbidden
Monster/Synchro BRIONAC, DRAGON OF THE ICE BARRIER Limited Was Forbidden
Spell BRAIN CONTROL Limited Was Forbidden
Spell FUTURE FUSION Limited Was Forbidden
Trap IMPERIAL ORDER Limited Was Forbidden
Monster/Effect WISDOM-EYE MAGICIAN Semi-Limited Was Limited
Monster/Effect SANGAN No longer on list Was Forbidden

Mostly a bunch of cards that received errata


Destiny Soldiers Card List

Destiny Soldiers just released today, here’s what you’ll find in your boosters:

banishment-of-darklords darklord-ixchel destiny-hero-celestial


DESO-EN001 Destiny HERO – Drilldark
DESO-EN002 Destiny HERO – Dynatag
DESO-EN003 Destiny HERO – Decider
DESO-EN004 Destiny HERO – Dystopia
DESO-EN005 Destiny HERO – Dark Angel
DESO-EN006 Destiny HERO – Celestial
DESO-EN007 D Cubed
DESO-EN008 D-Fusion
DESO-EN009 Destiny HERO – Diamond Dude
DESO-EN010 Destiny HERO – Malicious
DESO-EN011 Destiny HERO – Dogma
DESO-EN012 Destiny HERO – Plasma
DESO-EN013 Destiny End Dragoon
DESO-EN014 Destiny Darw
DESO-EN015 Over Destiny
DESO-EN016 Abyss Actor – Evil Heel
DESO-EN017 Abyss Actor – Funky Comedian
DESO-EN018 Abyss Actor – Superstar
DESO-EN019 Abyss Actor – Sassy Rookie
DESO-EN020 Abyss Actor – Extras
DESO-EN021 Abyss Actor – Leading Lady
DESO-EN022 Abyss Actor – Wild Hope
DESO-EN023 Abyss Script – Fantasy Magic
DESO-EN024 Abyss Script – Opening Ceremony
DESO-EN025 Abyss Script – Fire Dragon’s Lair
DESO-EN026 Abyss Prop – Wild Wagon
DESO-EN027 Abyss Script – Rise of the Abyss King
DESO-EN028 Abyss Actors Back Stage
DESO-EN029 Darklord Morningstar
DESO-EN030 Darklord Ixchel
DESO-EN031 Darklord Tezcatlipoca
DESO-EN032 Darklord Nasten
DESO-EN033 Darklord Amdusc
DESO-EN034 Banishment of the Darklord
DESO-EN035 Darklord Contact
DESO-EN036 Darklord Rebellion
DESO-EN037 Darklord Enchantment
DESO-EN038 Darklord Asmodeus
DESO-EN039 Darklord Superbia
DESO-EN040 Darklord Edeh Arae
DESO-EN041 Darklord Zerato
DESO-EN042 Dark Hole
DESO-EN043 Fires of Doomsday
DESO-EN044 Allure of Darkness
DESO-EN045 Escape from the Dark Dimension
DESO-EN046 Darklord Marie
DESO-EN047 Prometheus, King of the Shadows
DESO-EN048 Darlord Nurse Reficule
DESO-EN049 Doomsday Horror
DESO-EN050 Archlord Kristya
DESO-EN051 Trade-In
DESO-EN052 Veil of Darkness
DESO-EN053 The Beginning of the End
DESO-EN054 Dark Eruption
DESO-EN055 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
DESO-EN056 Advance Draw
DESO-EN057 Dark Mambele
DESO-EN058 Creeping Darkness
DESO-EN059 Destiny Signal
DESO-EN060 Dark Illusion

destiny-pack destiny-soldiers-box