Art for ‘Magic – Global Series: JIANG YANGGU VS. MU YANLING’

Wizards of the Coast has released box art for its upcoming Magic: The Gathering – Global Series: Jiang Yanggu vs. Mu Yanling.

Announced during the “mini-announcement” in February (see “New Products on the Way for ‘Magic: The Gathering'”), the Global Series product brings a world perspective to Magic with a team of artists, writers, and folklorists from a specific country (in this case, China) to craft a new Magic story rooted in the aesthetics and mythology of their home. Global Series products include two 60 -card decks, including two new foil Planeswalker cards, a foil double-sided token, and an informational insert. MSRP is $29.99. Release is planned for June 22.

This product will release shortly after the new Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2019 (see “‘Dominaria,’ ‘Core Set 2019’ and ‘Challenger Decks'”).

Temmet Brawl Decks

Temmet was on of my commander decks in 2017 because it seemed like a cool idea to double-dip on the value end. (he dies, you eternalize him, then you put him in the command zone and repeat — basically he would cost 5 mana between each commander tax if you emblamed him). While he was prety fun to play with the token theme, he was far from being really good. In brawl, where the format seems more aggressive, his ability can be more relevant (we hope).


Here are a few brews I found for Temmet Brawl decks while scouring the ‘net.

Temmet, Vizier of Brawl

Temmet Brawl          

Temmet Token Brawl

CalebMTG Temmet 


There are obvious similarities between the lists, but it’s funny that even with a limited card pool that is Standard – we get some cool variety within the same commander. Overall it’s quite an inexpensive undertaking to build and play this. It’s combar oriented with some incremental value and a few ‘get back in the game’ cards like Fumigate. I’ll undoubtedly be crafting my own version soon using these ones for some inspiration (I’m quite partial to Embalm/Eternalize and God-Pharaoh’s Gift)

Street Fighter: The Miniatures game

Jasco Games has licensed Capcom’s classic Street Fighter for a miniatures-based board game which is being offered exclusively to backers of its Kickstarter campaign. The game is expected to release next March.

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game is a card-driven tactical combat game featuring the characters from the classic arcade game. The characters move around the game board, which is filled with 3D cardboard terrain pieces that can be smashed by the fighters or used as obstacles. Cards determine which moves the fighters can make, with attacks and defenses resolved through the use of dice. The game will include one-on-one, free-for-all, team play, and boss mode variants.

Each character in the game is represented by a “collector’s scale” pre-painted plastic miniature ranging from 65mm to 85mm in height and mounted on a sculpted 58mm base, plus a unique 40-card deck of move cards.

The game will include 6 character miniatures plus 2 boss miniatures, 4 battle maps, an assortment of 3d terrain, 428 cards, 8 battle dice, 10 double sided character cards, 8 double sided player boards, and an assortment of game counters.  Additional materials may be added based on stretch goals, along with add-on kits featuring additional characters.

Production will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign which has so far reached $612,596 from 3,122 backers (an average of $196.22 per backer) with 28 days remaining.  Backer fulfillment is scheduled for March, 2019.

Jasco has announced that the game will not be offered through the trade.  According to the Kickstarter campaign page, the “costs of manufacturing a game like this are extremely high” due to the quality, size, and quantity of miniatures and cards.  The company plans to have a few copies for direct sale at conventions.

Magic: The Gathering Board Game



WizKids will release Magic: The Gathering — Heroes of Dominaria, a new strategy board game, this summer.  This is the first game announced as part of the expanded licensing arrangement with Wizards of the Coast last year (see “WizKids to Produce ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Board Game, Minis”).

Players take the roles of powerful heroes traveling the ancient lands of Dominaria (Llanowar, Urborg, Keld), building sites and gathering artifacts before they confront the Cabal to gain resources needed to save the multiverse.  Players must use strategy to build up their arsenal, and earn the most victory points overall to win the game.

The box will (tentatively) include a game board, 4 player mats, 16 hero tokens, 24 site tokens, 32 leyline tokens, 150 mana tokens, 1 turn tracker token, 20 cabal tokens, 15 artifact tokens, 20 site mana tokens, 50 card Dominaria deck, 45 card quest deck, 10 public quest tiles, 20 card artifact deck, rulebook, and two-part organizational tray.  The game is for 2 – 4 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 90 minutes.  MSRP is $59.99.  Release is planned for August.

Premium Edition of the game will also be released, that includes 4 exclusive pre-painted miniatures.  MSRP is $79.99.  Release is planned for September.

Magic: The Gathering in Miniatures form


WizKids has shared information and pictures on the forthcoming Magic: The Gathering Creature Forge: Overwhelming Swarm token creatures it will release in July.

WizKids announced the token creature figures when the company expanded its licensing relationship with Wizards of the Coast last year (see “WizKids to Produce ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Board Game, Minis”), and then showed off prototypes at New York Toy Fair (see “‘Magic: The Gathering’ Minis, Massive ‘D&D’ Ship, Black Dragon Trophy”).


The inaugural set will include 28 highly-detailed Creature Forge Token Figures,which stand up to 55 mm high. Each comes with a base representing one the five colors of mana. The collection will include the iconic Angel, Dragon, Spider, and Zombie, as well as artifacts and multicolored creatures. Many will include translucent parts. The figures will be sold in Gravity Feeds containing 24 figures, (presumably blind boxed,) for $3.49 each.

The company also announced a Magic: The Gathering board game today (see “WizKids Unveils ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Board Game”)





Masters 25 cards in Pauper

In Masters 25 we saw a few cards change rarity and it felt odd. Let’s take a look at how many more commons are added to the Pauper format and if any will find themselves in future decklists.


This is another Reclamation Sage variant with a twist. You must first cars it for 3 mana and then use another 2 to flip it and get the same effect. However, It’s a 3/2 body once that happens. Maybe some +1/+1 counter based deck will surface and run these in the sideboard.


This might see play if some weird control deck with Self-Assmebler sees play. Unfortunately, one of its synergy targets is Uncommon in Masters 25 (Mishra’s Factory).

This was quite the ahead of the curve creature back in its day and it was a Rare. Now, it would be a bit of a stretch if it found itself in some kind of RB Madness build or a more monored burn deck, but I wouldnn’t hold my breath. Its glory days are long gone.


Not a very impressive card on its own and it already signifies you being on the receiving end of your opponent’s creatures if you draw 3+ cards. I can’t see this seeing much play outside of maybe a UG mill deck with Jace’s Erasure.



Maybe this will pop-up in some weird ramp/burn variant. but most would still prefer Thunderous Wrath I’m sure. Very unlikely we will see this one in Pauper.


UW control is not an archetype in Pauper as far as I know. This card might go a small way in changing that. With a few lifegain guys like Seraph of Dawn can help make it worthwhile. The white cards are lackluster for this kind of strategy as UB is the prefered Blue control variant in this format.

Nothing particularly exciting in Pauper for this, unless you can activate it multiple times with a few tokens in a weird Rally the Peasants build or something including tokens.

This nice wall can attack in the beginning as  morph creature and then flip at virtually no cost when it’s time to go on defense. Plus you get a free peek vs counterspell decks to maybe guesstimate when the coast is clear to resolve threats. Again, you can do sweet no mana plays like reveal a Gush to flip this before you play it for its alternate cost to draw a couple of cards.


Fragile creature without hexproof, shroud or any way to preserve itself. Vs removal light decks, it might be a way to allow you to race other linear aggro strategies, if you can Voltron it up in a heroic-style deck.


In a Goblisn tribals trategy, this might be a beast of a card. We might have to wait for more Dominaria Goblin rarity spoilers to see it happen or at least start to materialize though..

Looks good in so many potential build from goblins, RW tokens or Seeker of the Way prowess-style decks. It can also be a grindy value card in a token/sac strategy, but those are not mainstream/played yet.


Once an iconic 1-drop in decks like Red Sligh, this card has long since fallen out of favor as creatures came more into the foreground of recent formats such as a modern. Still, if slower control decks were to take over the format, the popularity of this cute little guy would rise.


Quite the card downgrade, going from Rare to Common, Loyal Sentry will maybe be in a few control deck sideboards to combat more bigger creature strategies. Otherwise, it’s an underwhelming 1-drop that almost never attacks. Most white-based strategies would take Thraben Inspector over this any day.

Pillage was a Ponza staple back in its heydey, but the same kind of strategy is not viable in Pauper as of now. Still, maybe some red decks can use it to kill boucnelands or problematic artifacts.


Not the best card for a pauper strategy, but you never know. there might be some kind of rats matter cards coming out soon.

With new art, maybe a new deck will emerge for this deck to fit into. Again, not the best for now but it increases your survivability versus decks like burn or affinity.


This was a middle of the line pick in limited, but in Pauper it might shine in something like a monoblack strategy that keeps you a bit more in the game while trading with their biggest groudn threat. Mono Back devotion builds that win with Gray Merchant of Asphodel could maybe use this.


The iconic one-drop is back as a common this time. Long since overshadowed by card with similar stats and better creature types or just more value 1-drops like Thraben Inspector, this card will maybe just get lost in the mix (Again).


Great value card overall, seems like a good fit in a jund/grixis build down the line. Unfortunately those 3-color strategies are not as viable in Pauper as the manabases will be very hard to assemble efficiently and quickly.


Not as many rarity downgrades as I expected, nonetheless they are a bit spicy. Who knows how many will see play in post- Masters 25 brews. We will see in the coming month. Get your pauper brew on as of March 16th!



Challenger Decks Revealed!







Each Challenger Deck comes with a complete 60-card main deck and a 15-card sideboard, and is intended to be playable and competitive at a local level right out of the box. All cards will have been previously printed in Standard and are Standard-legal.


Wizards of the Coast really seems to have picked up their game lately. These are much much better than the ‘Event Decks’ from a few years ago. Let’s see what other offerings are goign to be on our plate this excicting 2018!