Magic the Gathering: San Diego Comicon 2017 Promos

Here are the planeswalkers cards one woudl get if they were lucky enough to be going to this year’s San Diego Comicon:



Available at the Hasbro Toy Shop, the exclusive features:


“Magic: The Gathering 2017 Planeswalker Pack”  – $180.00

  • Includes a 24” x 36” screen print of Nicol Bolas illustrated by Brandon Holt. Produced in collaboration with Mondo. Printed by D&L on Magic: The Gathering card stock. Nicol Bolas is an iconic Magic character who first made an appearance in the game in 1994 and has been a powerful fan favorite since.
  • 6 Planeswalker cards with exclusive artwork by illustrator, Vincent Proce
  • Characters include Gideon Jura™, Jace Beleren®, Liliana Vess®, Chandra Nalaar®, Nissa Revane™ & Nicol Bolas™



Nicol Bolas the Deceiver

In case you missed it from the 25th anniversary Announcement video:



+3 Each opponent loses 3 life unless that player sacrifices a nonland permanent or discards a card

-3 Destroy target creature. Draw a card.

-11 Nicol Bolas, the Deceiver deals 7 damage to each opponent. You draw 7 cards.

Looks like a planeswalker deck shown at the end of the 25th anniversary video.

Couldn’t see the starting loyalty, let me know if any one else finds its

25th Anniversary Announcements

Happy Announcement Day!

We have a big year planned to celebrate Magic‘s 25th anniversary. From new in-store play programs to new digital offerings to a slate of celebratory products, we’re not letting this anniversary go unmarked.

You can watch the full announcement below, but this article is meant to show off the products coming to you during our 25th anniversary celebration. As these sets don’t release until later in the year—or even next year!—expect some of the information (primarily images, logos, and the like) to be filled in in the coming months.

Now the exciting part—what’s coming up as part of our celebration of 25 years of Magic: The Gathering! Watch the video below for more information!

  • Brave the Unknown as you venture to the new world of Ixalan, where all we know so far is that Pirate Vraska battles Dinosaurs. But do you need anything more? Find out when Ixalan releases September 29.
  • Stake Your Claim on January 19, 2018, as the second set in Ixalan block releases with Rivals of Ixalan.
  • Explorers of Ixalan is an out-of-the-box multiplayer Magic experience that challenges you to defeat your opponents along the way as you search for the lost city. Begin your exploration on November 24, 2017.
  • The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Ixalan will be available January 2, 2018. Set sail for the uncharted jungles of Ixalan, where dangerous beasts, magnificent ruins, and lost treasures lie waiting to be discovered. Saddle up your Dinosaur mount and brave the unknown as you search the plane for a prize forgotten by history . . . until now!
  • Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins, which releases November 10, 2017, pits two of the most recognizable tribes in the history of Magic against one another with two ready-to-play 60-card decks. Will you side with the reckless and wily Goblins or the graceful and cunning Merfolk?
  • From the Vault: Transform takes the From the Vault series and, well, flips it. From the Vault: Transform, which releases November 24, 2017, collects fifteen of our favorite transforming cards, each with its own story to tell.
  • On April 28, 2018, we look to the past to move forward as we return to Dominaria with our next large set!
  • As part of our celebration of our 25th anniversary, we will be releasing a 25th anniversary–edition Masters set on March 16, 2018. The product will contain 249 cards from across Magic‘s entire history and will provide a drafting experience like previous Masters products. Available in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.
  • On July 20, 2018, we once again will be introducing core sets back into Magic. We’ve got some tweaks to the formula prepared, so look for more information as we get closer.
  • We’re (finally) traveling back to the wacky world of silver-bordered cards when Unstable releases December 8, 2017.

We’ll be officially kicking off our 25th anniversary celebration at HASCON in Providence, Rhode Island, September 8–10, 2017. That event will be filled with games, previews of upcoming products, and fun events everyone can enjoy—including an early Prerelease for Iconic Masters that will be the world’s first look at that set. For more information on HASCON, visit



This is definitely a lot of awesome news in addition to what news we got earlier this week:

June 13th Banned and Restricted Announcement

Metamorphosis 2.0

New pictures and details on Commander Anthology

Wizards of the Coast has shared the official artwork and more details on the upcoming Commander Anthology for Magic: The Gathering.

The four decks included in Commander Anthology are “Heavenly Inferno,” ‘Evasive Maneuvers,” “Guided by Nature,” and “Plunder the Graves.” The decks will include all cards released with the original decks. The box will also include four specialized life counters and tokens.

Commander is a multiplayer format for Magic where players use 100-card singleton decks, including one Legendary Creature which acts as “Commander” for the deck, influencing the way the deck is built and the player’s strategy in the game. MSRP is $164.99. Commander Anthology releases on June 9.

The Commander Anthology gathers together popular Magic: Commander decks from previous releases, similar to what was done for the Duel Deck: Anthology and Planechase Anthology. The release was announced last summer with several other high profile Magic: The Gathering products (see “Plethora of ‘Magic’ Announcements from PAX”).



July to September FNM Promos

This is a very good selection of FNM cards coming up

Reverse Engineed July

Renegade Rallier August

Fatal Push September

Fatal Push is clearly the one everyone will be attending their FNM’s to snatch up! It sees tons of play in pretty much all formats and the artwork is rather sweet compared to the original as well.



Star Wars:Destiny Worlds winning decklist


Congrats to Destiny World Champion Daniel Weiser who took it down with Vader Raider!

And yes, the decklist doesn’t say Daniel Weiser but they ran the same list apparently.

Final two decks were

Vader raider
ePhasma Bala Trooper

Top 16 decks

Dooku Jabba x2
Phasma Bala trooper x2
Han Rey x2
Leia ackbar
Vader raider x3
Jango trooper trooper
Bala nightsister trooper trooper
Poe Rey x4


Interesting decklist to say the least, a lot of those cards were thought to be initially unplayable /sub-optimal


Nicol Bolas update in Archenemy

Sweet packaging

The contents of the upcoming Archenemy: Nicol Bolas set for Magic: The Gathering have been revealed by Wizards of the Coast.  The set will release on June 16.

Intended for “Archenemy Format” play, the Nicol Bolas set will include four pre-constructed 60-card decks, one for Nicol Bolas itself and three for the players who will team up against it.  Also include are 20 oversized scheme cards for Nicol Bolas, 10 double-sided tokens, 4 deck boxes, and a life tracker.

Archenemy:  Nicol Bolas is intended for four-player games.

Will the deck resemble a previously flavorful build that was posted on the Wizards of the Coast website a long time ago?



Planeswalker (2)
1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
1 Sarkhan the Mad
Creature (26)
1 Bone Shredder
1 Rakka Mar
1 Grave Titan
1 Shadowmage Infiltrator
1 Cadaver Imp
1 Mordant Dragon
1 Ascendant Evincar
1 Sphinx of Lost Truths
1 Blood Tyrant
1 Nirkana Cutthroat
1 Masticore
1 Sphinx of Magosi
1 Moroii
1 Hoarding Dragon
1 Malfegor
1 Magma Phoenix
1 Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs
1 Thraximundar
1 Izzet Chronarch
1 Skeletal Vampire
1 Clone
1 Nekrataal
1 Platinum Angel
1 Ancient Hellkite
1 Crater Hellion
1 Faceless Butcher
Sorcery (12)
1 Consuming Vapors
1 Chain Reaction
1 Rough // Tumble
1 Cruel Ultimatum
1 All Is Dust
1 Time Reversal
1 Earthquake
1 Sins of the Past
1 Hex
1 Slave of Bolas
1 Disaster Radius
1 Demonic Tutor
Instant (9)
1 Consume the Meek
1 Doom Blade
1 Sulfurous Blast
1 Breath of Malfegor
1 Rend Flesh
1 Flashfreeze
1 Starstorm
1 Terminate
1 Makeshift Mannequin
Artifact (5)
1 Oblivion Stone
1 Armillary Sphere
1 Fellwar Stone
1 Sol Ring
1 Lotus Bloom
Enchantment (6)
1 Enslave
1 The Abyss
1 Mind Control
1 Leyline of Anticipation
1 Take Possession
1 Animate Dead
Land (40)
1 Bloodstained Mire
1 Crumbling Necropolis
1 Volcanic Island
1 Crosis’s Catacombs
1 Creeping Tar Pit
1 Gargoyle Castle
1 Vesuva
1 Underground Sea
1 Vivid Crag
1 Izzet Boilerworks
1 Rupture Spire
1 Dimir Aqueduct
1 Urborg Volcano
1 Akoum Refuge
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Drowned Catacomb
1 Shivan Reef
1 Terramorphic Expanse
1 Polluted Delta
1 Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace
1 Badlands
1 Jwar Isle Refuge
1 Exotic Orchard
1 Grixis Panorama
1 Barren Moor
5 Mountain
6 Swamp
4 Island
Other (1)
1 Evil Presents
101 Cards

The other two deck featured Elspeth and Ajani to face off against everyone’s most talked about Dragon planeswalker.