36 Planeswalkers confirmed in War of the Spark Magic: The Gathering set

source: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/closer-look-stained-glass-planeswalkers-2019-03-08

What’s more, each of these 36 Planeswalkers will have a planeswalker card in War of the Spark. (The card art will be different, though—in fact, these stained-glass versions aren’t appearing on cards at all!) You’ll have to wait for War of the Spark previews in April to see the new cards, but each booster pack will contain a planeswalker so you should have no trouble getting your hands on them when the set is released.

Each day brings us closer to Nicol Bolas’s endgame, but until all those candles are snuffed out, we can at least admire the craftsmanship that went into these pretty windows.



Source: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/42479/uncover-agents-nicol-bolas-ravnica-inquisition

WizKids will release a social deduction game set in the Magic: The Gathering plane of Ravnica, Ravnica: Inquisition, in June.

Players can join the Gatewatch or pledge their loyalty to Nicol Bolas, then attempt to uncover the Agents of Bolas who are hiding amongst them. Players elect leaders for each of the 5 colors, but only players whose guild’s color pair contain the color may be voted for. Each color leader has a special power they can use to further their goals, so players must be careful who they vote for. After all five colors have leaders, they vote to eliminate 1 player. This continues until the dust settled, and players reveal their roles. If all the Agents of Bolas are eliminated, the Gatewatch wins.

The box contains 10 role cards, 10 guild cards, 5 color leader cards, 5 targeting cards, ablaze marker, ultimate price marker, notepad, pencil, and a rulebook. The game is for 5 – 10 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 15 -30 minutes. MSRP is $14.99.


Fantasy Flight Games announced a new phase of organized play for its anomalous deck game KeyForge, which premiered last year.
Designed by Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering), KeyForge is a competitive card game where each deck is unique. The first phase of organized play, the Dawn of Discovery, launched in November (see “Organized Play Program for ‘KeyForge’ Revealed”) and focused on familiarizing players with the game and getting them familiar with the variety of playing styles the game offers.

On January 22, the Time of Triumph begins, offering players chances to establish themselves as a powerful force among Archons. The Master Vault will open, and new purposes will be revealed. The local ChainBound tournaments (hosted by retailers) will become more valuable, as they will award players AEmbershards for participating. The AEmbershards will eventually be redeemed at events with a Prize Wall for prizes.
Retailers can order Seasonal Kits to support Open Play Nights, and Seasonal Premium Kits will add custom prizes (themed around specific houses) that game stores can use to run special, standalone events.

Regional Prime Championships and Grand Championships (one per nation/territory) will be added, all leading to the World Championship.

Source: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/42250/keyforge-organized-play-enters-new-age

Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits


As before, each Guild Kit comes with a premium foil, alternate-art legendary leader of each guild, past and present.


Creature (17)
1 Isperia, Supreme Judge
1 Pride of the Clouds
1 Lavinia of the Tenth
1 Windreaver
1 Isperia the Inscrutable
1 Archon of the Triumvirate
2 Judge’s Familiar
1 Azorius Guildmage
1 Azorius Herald
1 Stoic Ephemera
1 Court Hussar
1 Hover Barrier
1 Lyev Skyknight
1 Azorius Justiciar
1 Skymark Roc
1 Sky Hussar
Instant (4)
1 Render Silent
1 Sphinx’s Revelation
1 Azorius Charm
1 Dramatic Rescue
Artifact (3)
2 Azorius Signet
1 Azorius Keyrune
Enchantment (2)
1 Detention Sphere
1 Dovescape
Land (24)
4 Azorius Chancery
4 Azorius Guildgate
8 Plains
8 Island
Other (10)
1 Sphinx of Foresight
1 Unbreakable Formation
1 Warrant // Warden
1 Spirit of the Spires
1 Sphinx of New Prahv
1 Windstorm Drake
1 Sky Tether
1 Summary Judgment
1 Sphinx’s Insight
1 Depose // Deploy
60 Cards


Creature (15)
1 Teysa, Orzhov Scion
1 Orzhov Pontiff
1 Ghost Council of Orzhova
1 Pontiff of Blight
1 Skeletal Vampire
1 Treasury Thrull
1 Deathpact Angel
1 Angel of Despair
1 Martyred Rusalka
1 Plagued Rusalka
2 Vizkopa Guildmage
1 Sin Collector
1 Keening Banshee
1 Belfry Spirit
Instant (3)
1 Ultimate Price
1 Orzhov Charm
1 Mortify
Artifact (2)
2 Orzhov Signet
Enchantment (4)
1 Debtors’ Knell
1 Stab Wound
1 Pillory of the Sleepless
1 One Thousand Lashes
Land (24)
4 Orzhov Basilica
4 Orzhov Guildgate
8 Plains
8 Swamp
Other (12)
1 Teysa Karlov
1 Smothering Tithe
1 Ethereal Absolution
1 Orzhov Enforcer
2 Imperious Oligarch
1 Pitiless Pontiff
1 Ministrant of Obligation
1 Vindictive Vampire
1 Basilica Bell-Haunt
1 Final Payment
1 Consecrate // Consume
60 Cards


Creature (17)
1 Rakdos, Lord of Riots
1 Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
1 Avatar of Discord
1 Rakdos Pit Dragon
1 Master of Cruelties
1 Carnival Hellsteed
1 Rakdos the Defiler
1 Utvara Hellkite
2 Rakdos Cackler
1 Thrill-Kill Assassin
2 Rakdos Guildmage
1 Rakdos Shred-Freak
1 Splatter Thug
1 Jagged Poppet
1 Crypt Champion
Sorcery (3)
1 Dreadbore
1 Demonfire
1 Rakdos’s Return
Instant (4)
1 Rakdos Charm
1 Auger Spree
1 Cackling Flames
1 Wrecking Ball
Artifact (3)
2 Rakdos Signet
1 Rakdos Keyrune
Enchantment (1)
1 Riot Spikes
Land (24)
4 Rakdos Carnarium
4 Rakdos Guildgate
8 Swamp
8 Mountain
Other (8)
1 Rix Maadi Reveler
1 Spawn of Mayhem
1 Theater of Horrors
1 Rakdos Firewheeler
1 Blade Juggler
1 Skewer the Critics
1 Dead Revels
1 Carnival // Carnage
60 Cards


Creature (20)
1 Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
1 Birds of Paradise
1 Burning-Tree Shaman
1 Ulasht, the Hate Seed
1 Rumbling Slum
1 Giant Solifuge
1 Rubblebelt Raiders
1 Skarrgan Firebird
1 Rubblehulk
1 Protean Hulk
1 Borborygmos
1 Savageborn Hydra
1 Skarrgan Pit-Skulk
1 Wasteland Viper
2 Scab-Clan Mauler
1 Zhur-Taa Druid
1 Burning-Tree Emissary
1 Ghor-Clan Rampager
1 Zhur-Taa Swine
Sorcery (1)
1 Savage Twister
Instant (2)
1 Gruul Charm
1 Pit Fight
Artifact (2)
2 Gruul Signet
Enchantment (1)
1 Wurmweaver Coil
Land (24)
4 Gruul Guildgate
4 Gruul Turf
8 Mountain
8 Forest
Other (10)
1 Immolation Shaman
1 Ravager Wurm
1 Cindervines
2 Clan Guildmage
1 Zhur-Taa Goblin
1 Sunder Shaman
1 Rhythm of the Wild
1 Flames of the Raze-Boar
1 Collision // Colossus
60 Cards


Creature (21)
1 Vorel of the Hull Clade
1 Gyre Sage
1 Vinelasher Kudzu
1 Cytoplast Root-Kin
1 Fathom Mage
1 Omnibian
1 Momir Vig, Simic Visionary
1 Progenitor Mimic
1 Experiment Kraj
1 Simic Sky Swallower
1 Experiment One
2 Cloudfin Raptor
2 Coiling Oracle
2 Zameck Guildmage
1 Elusive Krasis
1 Plaxcaster Frogling
1 Trygon Predator
1 Nimbus Swimmer
Sorcery (2)
1 Miming Slime
1 Urban Evolution
Instant (3)
1 Voidslime
2 Rapid Hybridization
Artifact (2)
2 Simic Signet
Land (24)
4 Simic Guildgate
4 Simic Growth Chamber
8 Island
8 Forest
Other (8)
1 Zegana, Utopian Speaker
1 Simic Ascendancy
1 Guardian Project
1 Skitter Eel
1 Frilled Mystic
1 Trollbred Guardian
1 Galloping Lizrog
1 Applied Biomancy
60 Cards

The basic lands get the guild treatment as with he previous Guild Kits

Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition

Just like the previous version of Mythic Edition, Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Editionwill go on sale for $249.99 and contain 24 packs, eight of which will come with one planeswalker card inside the pack (plus the normal rare or mythic rare card; the packs will be clearly marked).

The eight special packs will each come with one of these planeswalkers, and the packs will be clearly marked with which planeswalker is in which pack.


Real talk—the sale of Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition did not go well. It wasn’t ideal. Given what we learned from that experience and the (mountains of) feedback we received, we’re changing things up for this round.

Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition will be sold through Hasbro’s ebay store. This accomplishes a few things. First, it means the product can be shipped globally rather than just to North America. Second, and just as important, we expect a smoother buying experience for anyone who attempts to purchase the product.

It will go on sale at noon PT (3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. GMT) on Thursday, January 24.

Because the product is available internationally, this also means we will not be selling any product directly through MagicFests as we did with the Guilds of Ravnica edition. There will be a limit of 2 per customer. 

Mythic Edition is a fun premium product that players clearly were interested in, so we want to make the buying experience as positive and as smooth as possible. These changes address many of the issues we had with distribution last time around, and I know I personally look forward to dropping that sweet, sweet Tamiyo, the Moon Sage on the table.


Ravnica Allegiance Store Championship Playmat

To celebrate all things Ravnica, local stores will be hosting Ravnica Weekend February 16–17. Players can play in a variety of events and, just for participating, pick up one of these premium foil guild-aligned basic lands.



Additionally, stores can hold events on Ravnica Weekend that are more competitive (much like the Store Championships of old) where top finishers can pick up this new version of Lavinia.



Source: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-preview/ravnica-allegiance-promos-and-packaging-2018-12-17

Hasbro enters the Parks business

Source: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/42041/hasbro-enters-parks-business

Hasbro is getting into the theme park business with plans for a Hasbro-themed indoor water park and family resort to be built under a licensing agreement with Imagine Resorts and Hotels, the companies announced.  Imagine will co-conceptualize, create, build, and operate the resort, which will include themed hotel rooms, an indoor water park, themed entertainment and food and beverage offerings, all tied to Hasbro brands.

The Hasbro brands involved include game brands Magic: The Gathering, Monopoly, and Candy Land; and toy brands My Little Pony, Nerf, Mr. Potato Head, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and others.

Imagine Resorts and Hotels, based in Madison, Wisconsin, was co-founded by Bruce Neviaser, co-founder and chairman of Great Lakes Companies, which launched and ran Great Wolf Resorts, the largest owner, operator, and developer of indoor waterpark resorts.


“Hasbro is the ideal partner for our new endeavor,” Neviaser said.  “Its family-friendly, globally-relevant brands provide us with an amazing palette to work with as we create the ultimate vacation resort for families and fans.”

“We are thrilled to work with Imagine’s deeply experienced leadership to bring Hasbro brands to life in exciting new ways,” Hasbro SVP Consumer Products Casey Collins said.  “Our goal is to bring engaging brand experiences to audiences everywhere and we are confident that Imagine’s new resort and water park will provide families with a memorable, one of a kind experience.”

This  is the second hospitality licensing deal Hasbro has announced in the past month; the company announced a licensed chain of “family entertainment centers” a few weeks back