Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 3

Today we’ll take a glimpse at the spoiled M14 Uncommons. Let’s start with the successor to Ponder :


Glimpse the Future


Seems fair. No Delver shennanigans! Maybe Reanimator?

Woodborn Behemoth


Pay 5 now for an average creature that can become rather huge later, not too shabby!

Young Pyromancer


Very nice card and the possibilities are neat with ‘free’ cards like Hidden Strings and Gitaxian Probe

On a small side note: remember that Cipher cards are actually considered cast. This means you can do pretty cool things with things like this card, Delver of Secrets and Nivmagus Elemental.

Molten Birth


Krenko’s Command with a possible upside? Why not?

Steelform Sliver


For those who didn’t know: Sliver are back! This guy makes them harder to destroy.

Battle Sliver


This is what happens when they get angry.



Revenge of the Hunted ‘s successor. Attack the merfolk evil kitty!

Kalonian Tusker


Here’s the beef!

The Staffs

m14 staffs


There’s probably a white one too, just no pic for it. They seem somewhat of in Limited I guess…

Vial of Poison


Cute little removal card, plus you can fetch it with Trinket Mage. Value!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited for Magic 2014 Core Set. It actually seems like a blast to draft and a lot of cards show great potential for fun (oh yeah, there are also some more serious constructed cards too).

Next up:  M14 Commons!


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