Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 2

… and we’re back!

Today’s another small spoiler session. Let’s get the ball rolling.


Seraph of the Sword


Fog Bank‘s angel cousin. This thing is going to give headaches to more aggressive decks. At least it lacks Vigilance.

Ogre Battledriver


That’s MR. Hill Giant you maggot!

Bonescythe Sliver


Slivers get their own Kinsbaile Cavalier

Into the Wilds


Oracle of Mul Daya version 2.0

Megantic Sliver


Big Daddy Sliver! He’s the Pre-Release promo? Woah!

Awaken the Ancient


Technically costs 5 mana since you don’t get to attack if you play it turn 4 (barring ramp)

Vastwood Hydra


This is going to make m miss Primordial Hydra.

Ring of Three Wishes


A ‘fairer’ ‘cheaper’ Planar Portal

Ratchet Bomb


Glad to have it back!

Guardian of the Ages


Nice flavor, but that’s about it …

That’s more or less the Rares and Mythic spoiled so far. I will be posting a new blog on the Uncommons and then Commons. It’s nice too see some new Magic: the Gathering cards instead of infinite reprints, even if they are not the greatest. This set is sure to be a blast to draft and Sealed as well as really sweet in the Commander formats. Who knows what cards will make it into Standard decks – probably Slivers?

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