Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 4

It’s time for even more Magic 2014 (M14) spoilers. This time we start off with this little gem:


Brave the Elements

bravetheelements (1)

It’s back to make white weenie viable again

For those of you who were sick and tired of losing your little weenie horde to a Bonfire of the Damned (miracled or not), Wizards has the answer for you. Mind you this will probably be more played in a Green/White aggro style of deck but who knows – we might yet see a real white weenie contender.

Its offensive capability is rather great as it can allow pretty much your whole team through something like a wall of Thragtusk or 3/3 Beast tokens if you’re going in for the killing blow. I can’t wait to get a chance to play this again in Standard.

Doom Blade


Does it simplify or complicate the black removal suite (Ultimate price, Murder, etc) ?



I thought Wizards wanted to cut down on the instant-speed card drawing

Grim Return


Great card design but mostly Commander material for now



Anyone ‘shocked’ to see this back?

Scavenging Ooze


Awesome! It’s pretty much official at this point

Elixir of Immortality


We’re pretty much all just getting used to it at this point …

Angelic Accord


Well, don’t knock till you try it I guess …

Elvish Mystic


Another Elves 1-drop

Corpse Hauler

corpsehaulerA more aggressive Gravedigger that you can use when you feel like it


soulmenderSoul Brotha?

Lay of the Land


Now you can keep that one-lander!



Just how good will it be?



Finally! an Innistrad reprint!

Accorder’s Shield


Just not the same without this guy

That ends another preview Blog for Magic 2014 and I for one think that the limited experience is sure to be dynamic to say the least. As far as constructed goes, I hope we can still get some more Standard playable cards before the totality of the set is revealed.

Here’s hoping!


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