Magic 2014: Garruk, Caller of Beasts

garruk m14

The art on the left is ok, but Damn! that black foily version is sexy!

We finally got our M14 Garruk spoiled and boy is he something.


At +1 we get basically a Lead the Stampede which is rather nice in a creature-heavy. We have become accustomed to those as of late with Naya-colored decks (those that already run Domri Rade). It’s nice, sure but nothing to get too excited about. We are paying six mana for this guy after all and we would like to be rewarded.


Now we’re talking! we pay 6 mana for basically what is a Dramatic Entrance. Cute and potentially insane. In the current standard, the biggest baddest dude you can plop down is this guy:


worldspine wurm


That’s a lot of Wurm meat

Of course, if you’re going to go this route you better make sure you have some kind of sacrifice outlet so that you can benefit from the 3 5/5 Wurm tokens that this thing can churn out.

wurm token

Also known as the Advent of the Wurm token

More trample is what green needs I always say. But seriously, this might have a legitimate shot of happening in future Standard. Of course you can use his ability in Commander to cheat this next guy into play.


Who plays Natural Order anyways ?


Um….what? yeah! You get to do silly things once you hit that ultimate. So cast random mana dork, go get big huge effect fatty from deck and unleash all kinds of fun. Repeat as you wish, preferably with some little creature you can bounce back into your hand and re-cast.

The possibilities are pretty endless on that -7. Kind of like your whole deck is in ‘Omniscience‘ mode. Your creature spell just needs to be cast and not actually resolver. You know how to cast creature spell don’t you? Just put your finger on the appropriate land cards and tap.


Black foily version?

Of course if you’re like me (total fanboy) you won’t just settle for cracking a M14 Garruk in a pack or even getting a shiny one. You’re obviously after the big loot.


m14 garruk black foil

Looking for this?

I mean, seriously, how cool is this? It looks more like a comic book cover than a Magic: the Gathering card. It’s one of five M14 planeswalkers available in alternate art black foil. You can only get the at the Hasbro booth at the San Diego Comicon.

The exclusive MTG cards are not on that page but they are confirmed. I really wish I could go grab some or at least convince anyone headed down there to pick me up a set of the 5 black foil planeswalkers. Reply to this post if you can do me that favor. Otherwise, I would have to try to get a group of us from Montreal to head down to San Diego.

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