Modern Tezzerator

tezzerator modern


by Francis ‘ACE’ Jodin

Are you the kind of magic player that enjoys winning without turning creatures sideways? Do you like long games consisting of denying your opponent from doing anything? Then i might have something for you!

Prison-style decks have seen play in Vintage and in Legacy, but in Modern there doesn’t seem to be any equivalent. Most likely because all the broken enchantments, lands and artifacts are too old. Well, most of them. There is one card that can lock your opponent from doing things if his deck is about winning with creatures:

ensnaring bridg

Think of it as proactive creature control

Now if we are to take full advantage of this infamous artifact, we first need to be able to empty out our hand quickly. The traditional draw-go control style, were we hold on to removal and counters does not synergize with Ensnaring Bridge. We want to play mostly cheap permanents. We also want our permanents to hate out our opponent’s strategy. Turns out many cheap artifacts do just that. We also need a way to win and Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas is probably the best way to do do that with artifacts while hiding behind a Bridge.

This is my current list:

Engines: 9

1 Expedition Map

2 Thopter Foundry

1 Crucible of Worlds

3 Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas

2 Trading Post

Control: 13

3 Engineered Explosives

2 Pithing Needle

1 Lantern of Insight

1 Codex Shredder

1 Scroll of Griselbrand

3 Ensnaring Bridge

2 Liliana of the Veil

Cantrips: 6

3 Chromatic Star

2 Scroll of Avacyn

1 Nihil Spellbomb

Acceleration: 2

1 Mox Opal

1 Talisman of Dominance

Creatures: 7

3 Spellskite

4 Trinket Mage

Lands: 23

4 Darkslick Shores

4 River of Tears

2 Glimmervoid

1 Island

1 Swamp

1 Bojuka Bog

1 Tolaria West

4 Mutavault

1 Darksteel Citadel

1 Ghost Quarter

1 Tectonic Edge

1 Buried Ruin

1 Academy ruins


4 Surgical Extraction

4 Chalice of the Void

2 Defense Grid

2 Pithing Needle

1 Grafdigger’s Cage

1 Executioner’s Capsule

1 Welding Jar

tezzeret the seeker

Notably absent from the deck

I’ve seen some lists run Tezzeret the Seeker instead of Agent of Bolas. I’m not sure which is best but Bolas can provide a steady stream of card advantage and can quickly win the game with a +1 followed by a -4. We don’t want to give our opponents more time than required to find answers! Also, sometimes you’ll win the game with a few activations of his -1. With an artifact in play, he can actually protect himself if you don’t have a bridge. Making a Darksteel Citadel into an indestructible 5/5 can be a powerful play.

tezz minus 1

Make some beefy protectors

The hate

Artifacts are good at hating. I have selected those that are best against the widest array of decks.

engineered explosives


Explosives can pretty much answer most of the commonly played permanents in theModern  format. We can make x = 3 or 4 with some Chromatic Stars, Mox Opal and Glimmervoids. We just make sure we don’t blow some of your own important stuff! Also, in a pinch your can cast them for zero if you need to empty your hand for Ensnaring Bridge or need that extra artifact for Tezz’s ultimate to get lethal damage.

tezz ultimate

That’s pretty ‘Ultimate’

Pithing Needle is totally maindekc-worthy in a deck like this. Just try and think: which modern deck doesn’t use any activated abilities? Yeah, not many. The fact that it can hose lands is a big deal with all these manlands in control/midrange decks. Oh, and remember: Deathrite Shaman’s first ability isn’t actually a mana ability since it targets and therefore uses the stack!  We can even max on Pithing Needles from the sideboard for when you really can’t get enough of them, mainly against Tron and Pod decks.


It’s not even a defender!

Spellskite is another maindeckable “hate” card, even in a creature-light deck. First of all, it is a 0/4, which is nice to have against aggressive decks. Secondly, Abrupt Decay is a card and Spellskite answers it. We don’t want to lose the game to a couple of Tarmogoyfs because your opponent just killed your Ensnaring Bridge ! Lastly, it hates on  some decks: Infect, Kiki Twin, Aura Boggle, burn, and non prismatic omen scapeshift to a lesser extent come to mind.

A single Nihil Spellbomb deserves a spot in this deck. Is is obviously good against graveyard combo decks (glass cannon, living end, melira pod, storm) but also against all black/green/x decks. It is better than relic of progenitus here because we don’t want to exile our own graveyard. Also, it can be sacced to thopter foundry/trading post for extra card draw, when the graveyard hate isn’t so relevant.

Lantern of Insight + Codex Shredder is the last of the hate engine. Usually, if you draw one of the two, you want to fetch the other with a Trinket Mage. Controlling the top deck can win us the game in the long run. When we see something we don’t care about on top of our opponent’s deck, we get the opportunity to filtering our own draw as well. Codex Shredder’s second ability is also actually pretty decent.= as well. We can get back any card, not just artifacts, from our graveyard. For instance : we can ultimate a non-lethal Tezeret, Agent of Bolas if we fear for our life total, then get it back later. It’s also good when Tezzeret gets countered earlier on.

The engines

gears icon

Looks strangely enough like the expansion symbol from another artifact set

Everybody likes card advantage and recursion. Well, this deck is full of that. Aside from Tezz himself, Trading Post does everything we want in this deck. It can discard a card from our hand to keep our Bridge active and gain us precious life points against aggresive decks. It can recycle our non optimal hate artifacts into more juice. It turns any Chromatic Star into a Divination (you draw the card when the Star is put into your graveyard, not when you activate it). Just be careful when you do that, drawing multiple lands can ruin your Ensnaring Bridge lock as it will prevent you from emptying your hand … Lastly, it can recur any artifact in your graveyard by making a Goat Token and sacrificing it on the next turn. Combined with Thopter Foundry, you can recur any artifact. Just sacrifice the artifact to Thopter Foundry (in response to a removal spell, for instance) and then sac the Thopter Token to your Trading Post.

thopter foundry

Not quite as broken as it was with the Modern-banned Sword of the Meek

Speaking of Thopter Foundry, it can actually be a win condition when we hide behind an Ensaring Bridge. Just draw your card for the turn, attack with your token(s) and then play your drawn card on your second main phase! Foundry also turns any Chromatic Star into a “free” token. I’ve won some games by sacrificing all of my board to Foundry during my opponent’s end step and swinging in for lethal on my turn. The lifegain clause  is also relevant and sometimes we’ll also want to produce 1/1 Thopters in order to trade with Modern Affinity’s numerous 1 toughness flyers.

Trinket Mage is soooo good here! He can pretty much find any card we need against any deck in almost any situation. He also sometimes beats for 2 or chump blocks, which isn’t that negligible. Any chunk of life points we can take away from our opponent makes Tezzeret’s Ultimate that much more effective and game-clinching.

Liliana of the Veil does her fair share in this deck. Her +1 ability is often free since we can empty our hand quickly. We can pitch extra lands to her ability thus keeping our Bridge active. Behind a bridge, going  ultimate is a very common occurence for this deck . Her -6 ability is very good against the opposing hate cards, as we can make a pile with hate and another pile with everything else. We can then restart +1’ing  her again for even more value and Bridge protection. Planeswalkers are this deck’s main way of winning through a  Stony Silence (it is quite feasible as  i’ve done it multiple times in the past).

stony silence

On of the many opposing hate cards to be aware of

The lands

The lands play a key role in this deck. Since most of the deck runs on colorless mana, we can afford to play many colorless lands. We still need some color and since we are Blue/Black, we have an alternative to painful shock lands and fetchlands: Darkslick Shores, River of Tears and Glimmervoid (as well as 2 basics)! I’ve played the deck a lot and most of the time the mana is just fine. The singleton Talisman of Progress and Mox Opal help, but we don’t want to draw them in multiples. Also, the Chromatic Stars can fix when you need them to.

darkslick shores river of tears

                                                 The less pricy alternative

Crucible of Worlds turns your special lands into a steady stream of card advantage . Ghost Quarter and Tectonic Edge need no explanation. Buried Ruin is surprisingly effective, turning extra lands into more artifact resources . Academy Ruins works as another recursion engine (and can also randomly wins against mill decks) . We can fetch Academy Ruins with Expedition Map and then get back the map with Academy Ruins in order to  find any land we need!

Mutavault is the most recent addition to the deck. With Crucible of Worlds he is an ‘immortal’ blocker. Much like Trinket Mage, it can ‘Shock‘ our opponent when we have the opportunity. More importantly however, Mutavault works with…

The scrolls !

Yeah, this is my personal secret tech. When Scroll of Griselbrand and Scroll of Avacyn were spoiled, I really wanted to find a deck for them. Playing actual demon + angel tribal seemed pretty bad. That was until I realized that Mutavault is every creature type once activated. Scrolls are actually pretty good with Mutavault. We get to cycle and gain five with Scroll of Avacyn. If we can recur it with Academy Ruins, the scroll also grants us our regualr draw  for the turn as well. You can do the same thing with Scroll of Griselbrand. Instead of replacing our draw, it denies your opponent’s non-instant draw, provided we activate it during his/her draw step! It also takes hits them for 3 ! We need to be cautious with thise strategy though as our opponent can destroy our Mutavault in response to the activation of one of the Scrolls.

Yet even more hate …

The Sideboard must always be adapted to your local metagame, but some cards are essential.

We want a Grafdigger’s Cage somewhere in our 75. It pretty much prevents Birthing Pod decks from working properly. The only game I have lost to Pod with a Cage out was when the pod player topdecked his single Harmonic Sliver and then triple Restoration Angel’ed it the following turns… Yeah, that was really painful! We need Welding Jar for tutorable protection fetched via our Trinket Mage. If we can recur them we can always protect our board from some kind of hate. Defense Grid is pretty good against all those American/UWR decks full of counterspells.

defense grid

Some really really old school hate

Conclusion: should i play this deck?

If the metagame in your area is filled with creatures then i would recommend this deck if you want to try something different. You’ll be crushing your opponent’s hopes and dreams with Ensnaring Bridge, A lot of decks have zero ways of winning the game when this card hits the table (before sideboard). Black/Green/x midrange is harder because of Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse (although i’ve seen some lists without them), but is still winnable. Just be sure to pack some Welding Jars in your sideboard or perhaps even in the main. Scapeshift is probably the deck’s worst matchup, especially the Prismatic Omen version. You pretty much need Crucible of Worlds + Tectonic Edge/Ghost Quarter to beat them. If you see a lot of those in your meta be prepared to have a hard time. Also, be aware that if your opponents are packing some Shatterstorms in their side, you’ll suffer when this spell is randomly cast. It even says “can’t be regenerated” for some reason, as opposed to Creeping Corrosion, making Welding Jar useless!

welding jar

An odd yet effective inclusion to the deck

Magic 2014: Wrap-Up Part 3

m14 logo





It’s no Beast Within

Bramblecrush is sort of like Acidic Slime‘s and Beast Within‘s love child. They decided it would basically be a Sorcery (worse than Instant or Creature in this case) and would destroy anything but creatures , including planeswalkers (better than Acidic Slime and worse than Beast Within). The end result is rather unexciting because it’s too fair and that’s not something most Magic: the Gathering players like. We like that little extra oomph that is sometimes included with our cardboard crack.

Howl of the Night Pack

howl of the nightpack

The Wolf Pack reunites after ‘the Hangover’

It’s really nice to see this card back as we are constantly sold out of it. It sells really really well. Casual players love it and it’s actually not terribly bad in a Monogreen Commander deck either. The fact that it makes wolf tokens works great with Master of the Wild Hunt.

master of the wild huntMonogreen removal!

Hunt the Weak

hunt the week

This should be winning some hideous art contest soon

Just another reprint under another name. Not particularly exciting outside of the real of limited Magic.


Lay of the Land

lay of the land

It kinda suck that they could not just use the original artwork

This is strictly worse than Caravan Vigil, a card which saw like zero play.

Draw your own conclusion from there.


Manaweft Sliver

manweft sliver

‘Sliver Ramp’ or ‘Paradise Sliver’

We have seen Gemhide Sliver in the past , but just like all other slivers in M14 this one only affects your Slivers. Even in non-sliver decks it does provide acceleration into a turn 4 play on turn 3, which is great (much like Farseek allowed a turn 3 Olivia Voldaren or Huntmaster of the Fells in Jund decks).

With no assured ramp spell in Theros, this card may indeed be replacing Farseek as the Standard Rampant Growth variant.



You tell ’em Garruk !

What more can be said about this awesome card? Nothing, really.

Oath of the Wood

oath of the ancient wood

So, can we have the Enchantress card now please?

It would be nice to get a self-bouncing enchantment or enchantment card drawing effect to go along with this. On its own it obviously rather underwhelming. Even the elf creature on the card seems to be suffering a little.

Ranger’s Guile

ranger's guile

More words of wisdom from Garruk



Even the quote is dull

If you’re gonna go out of your way to reprint this, why not strike up a deal with Geico and make a functional reprint called Gecko.


You can save more on Magic: the Gathering by buying a Fat Pack!

That’s correct you crazy Gecko you! He’s so adorable too. But nooooo! they had to go with the hideous Rootwalla.



Translation: ‘we don’t like your kind ’round these parts! ‘

I know I’m giving these M14 cards a bit of a hard time by mentioning cards whose power level is a bit higher at times, but I really wanted Squall Line here. A nice green finisher plus it sounds like a wrestling move. Oh my gawd, he nailed him with the Squall Line! It’s over!

I do still think it’s a fin uncommon inclusion for limited purposes and potential Standard sideboard hate.



Darksteel Forge

darksteel forge

Elesh Norn quote? Wha?

I was a little confused and unsure that this was a legit card in M14 and I still don’t really see the reasoning behind it. The only real reason I can fathom is that Wizards of the Coast decided to make the card more accessible in the secondary market for EDH/Commander purposes. This somewhat hurts a bit if you’re a seller but in the end it’s good for the players. Not to worry though, it will probably be in heavy demand once people stop cracking them M14 boosters.

Darksteel Ingot

darksteel ingot

Woah? A Koth quote now?

Are they really teasing anther return to Mirrodin? In a world of Keyrunes and Chromatic Lantern, I highly doubt this will see serious play. Of course all the Commander players can rejoice just as they did when Reliquary Tower was reprinted in M13 (for no good reason).



Nice to have this back 

This is exactly the kind of card you want in a Core Set : not too recent and representing a not too common mechanic. Being a judge , I know I’l have to endlessly explain to players exactly how double strike works when the attacking creature kills the lone blocker after the first strike part.

No, you do not get to hit your opponent with a shot of regular damage. The creature was blocked so nothing goes through unless of course the attacker had Trample, in which case all the remaining damage goes through.



This is going to be really annoying to face in drafts

I like the direction Wizards of the Coast is taking with some of the more underwhelming rare artifacts of the past (Jayemdae Tome, Primal Clay,etc) by lowering their rarity and putting them in Core Sets. It shows newer players why this cad may have been somewhat good in the past by giving them a chance to play with it a little.

You don’t get to complain that your rare is some has been card and gain a new appreciation for how the game has evolved over the years (unless of course you are totally against the power creep).

Rod of Ruin

rod of ruin

More bad news for the goblin is that it can almost wipe out a good percentage of their kind

As sad as this sounds: Rod of Ruin can totally dominate the battlefield in a limited environment. It destroys any one toughness creature as well as provides you with a clock. For those unaware of what a clock means, it basically gives your opponent X numer of turns to live unless they can remove the clock. In this case, it’s a rather weak-looking 20 turn clock but you get the point.

Trading Post

trading post

You will soon be able to trade in goats like in ancient Greece when Theros comes out

This card brings back some lukewarm memories. I had picked it to be a sleeper card in M13 and that didn’t go all too well. I ended up trading 3-4$ cards to obtain these. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that I was probably on the losing end of those trades in the long run. Even when a monoblack control list featuring Trading Post appeared late in the M13-Scars format, it did not to much to revive Trading Post.

I’m not sure what kind of decks will be running this in the future Standard format, but I think I have enough copies as it stands. Like many cards of this genre, Commander is pretty much the perfect format for it. Pick one up and try it in your EDH/Commander deck and you might be pleasantly surprised if like most people you run a great deal of artifacts in your deck.


Well, not much to see here is there

With only 3 nonbasic lands in M14, we kind of reviewed them already. We could go over the basic lands if you would like, seeing as how they see little play in the current Standard format to the point where it seems most players have forgotten about them. Well, maybe not totally: I still see people rushing to the local store’s Land Station during FNM Drafts.


That’s it then! Prepare to have fun during the Magic 2014 Pre-release on Friday , July 12 or Thursday at midnight if your store does that sort of thing (all the ones here in Montreal do).


m14 promo coupon final

free foil basic land

Rigsk Management

rigsk management

by Steve ‘DDT’ Giannopoulos

Every now and then I like to harken back to the old days when one tried to build somewhat of an original Magic: the Gathering deck. Then I come to the realization that it would require me to invest a lot of time and testing to make something even remotely solid. I usually remember snipets of certain deck ideas/combos discussed at the local game shops and ponder about their Type 2 feasibility (usually when utterly bored, most likely on the bus or the subway).

We were at a local sports bar watching randomness on the TVs when one of my friends started trying to brew a deck from scratch. He was somewhat stumped and then exclaimed that it was ‘much easier back in the old days of Magic’. He mentioned something about there being a lot of cards in Standard right now.Then I corrected him by pointing out that it’s quite the opposite. It’s the smallest Standard format for now:

M13, Innistrad Block and Return to Ravnica.

5 sets out of a possible 7.

We bounced random ideas off of each other. He seemed to be especially fond of Creepy Doll, but I dissuaded him from such a venture. His being a student of finance lead to a discussion on the similarities between MTG and the stock market. He discussed risk-taking among other things which led me to joke about coin flipping… and this card:

volatile rig

                                    That’s right! We went there!

I recalled back to when one of the local players here had mentionned something about it comboing with…

Trading Post



Rakdos, Lord of Riots


You would sacrifice the Rig to Trading Post potentially dealing damage, if you haven’t already dealt Trample damage with the Rig itself that is. It would then meet the requirement to cast Rakdos, which in turn would maybe allow to cast artifact creatures (ie: another Rig) on the cheap. Then you would have this odd recursion going where you could potentially ‘wrath’ the board save Rakdos. Well, potentially… It seemed ok.

Then we browsed some artifact creatures:

Creepy DollGalvanic JuggernautGeistcatcher's Rig

Manor GargoyleStuffy DollWarden of the Wall

Oooook… nothing too great!

Of course the best of the bunch is Stuffy Doll. He does combo with the random 4 damage ‘drawback’ of Volatile Rig. That’s kind of cool right there! He can end the game quicker than expected. However, he can also be cast for next to nothing as well with Rakdos‘ second ability. Not too shabby!

Finally, he can allow us to actually cast Rakdos via his own pinging ability. It also meant that you did not require to actually ‘maybe combo’ to make decent things happen.

Stuffy is after all a good answer to an opposing Thragtusk. Volatile Rig will kill a Thragtusk if it blocks it and deal a point of trample damage. This will cause its ability to trigger a first time. If it dies, it will result in a second coin flip, potentially dealing 4 damage to everything.

However, if it survives the first coin flip, both it and Thragtusk will die. The Rig’s controller’s trigger will go on the stack first followed by the Thragtusk’s controller. This means that the Beast token will be on the battlefield at the time the coin is flipped to check if the Rig deals 4 to all.

Warning: This may cause insane value!

Disclaimer: It also may not.

Now, I know what you are all thinking: “This is going to be some dumb coin flip deck with zany combos and whatnot”

That’s actually where most of the weird stuff ends. You see, we decided the rest of the deck should kind of well, make sense.

Being in Rakdos colors, we decided to basically be aggro and have this Volatile Rig ‘engine’ be somewhat of a mid to late game plan. We opted to borrow a lot of elements from the established RB Aggro list.

4 Gravecrawler

4 Diregraf Ghoul

4 Geralf’s Messenger

4 Knight of Infamy

4 Searing Spear



Seems legit…

You can do a few neat things by sacrificing your Gravecrawlers or Messengers to bring back Volatile Rig and maybe blow stuff up. It felt like it was maybe lacking zombie fodder. I then suggested to maybe play Highborn Ghoul over Knight of Infamy.


It does seem very questionable at first but you gain a few benefits from it. It can actually negate Thragtusk lifegain over time and still attacks through Centaur Healer (as did Knight of Infamy). It’s a Zombie that allows us to buyback our Gravecrawler if need be. We can then sac the Crawler to Trading Post and recover another Post, Stuffy Doll or Volatile Rig (seeing as how some of those might be in our graveyard on account of having been countered or died). More importantly, it can be a constant source of damage due to its intimidate ability. This can allow us to cast Rakdos if we draw him later on or if he got bounced back to our hand and we need to cast him again.

We needed to be a bit more old school Suicide Black so we found this little guy:

soulcage fiend

Did someone crack open a window? It feels a little drafty in here.

You should probably be having the same reaction as most people right about now: Huh? I do so love having cards in my decks that require my opponents to pick them up and read them and still scratch their heads. It turns me onnnnnn! Just kidding!

He is an aggressive little guy and his inclusion is quite logical I assure you. On turn 3 you are probably casting Geralf’s Messenger, but in case you aren’t – this will do. It’s nothing amazing but he does setup a turn 4 Rakdos quite nicely. Block or no block. Not many little red-colored guys can do that. The constant potential damage output is what motivated us to go with black as the main color in this deck.

Also, he shares a creature type with Rakdos, so it makes Cavern of Souls less awkward. Both Stuffy and Rig require NO color, so they are not really affected by Caverns negatively.

In fact:

Volatile RigStuffy Doll

Well, this is interesting …

It appears these two share some lineage. Not too shabby! It’s nice to know that Cavern choices will not be all over the place. It will be nice knowing that Stuffy Doll can go uncountered in certain matchups.

We also probably want to play some burn spells as removal and/or ways of being able to cast Rakdos. Pillar of Flame can be very lackluster in a lot of matchups, so I opted for Searing Spear. Neither will be killing off Restoration Angels anyhow, but Spear wins out on versatility. We are usually the aggressive deck, so the chance that Pillar will be good maindeck are not great. I say maindeck because I did in fact include a few in the final sideboard.

Rigsk Management version 1.0


4 Diregraf Ghoul
4 Gravecrawler
4 Highborn Ghoul
4 Geralf’s Messenger
3 Soulcage Fiend
4 Volatile Rig
2 Rakdos, Lord of Riots
2 Stuffy Doll

Other Spells

4 Searing Spear
3 Trading Post
1 Rakdos Keyrune
2 Bonfire of the Damned


6 Swamp
1 Mountain

4 Cavern of Souls
4 Blood Crypt
4 Rakdos Guildgate
4 Dragonskull Summit


3 Pillar of Flame
2 Underworld Connections
2 Zealous Conscripts
4 Vampire Nighthawk
1 Blasphemous Act
1 Stuffy Doll
2 Appetite for Brains

The sideboard may seem a bit uninspired with the whole Trading Post/Volatile Rig thing going, but I opted for something more similar to an RB Aggro one. Pillars in the side are nice versus the other weenie decks (zombies,humans,etc). Just don’t try to get a Volatile Rig to pop by hitting it with Pillar of Flame. It won’t work since it will end up getting exiled due to Pillar’s wording.

I maxed out on Vampire Nighthawks because we might actually lose a little too much life in certain matchups and it might come in instead of the Soulcage Fiends. While the deck tends to play out a bit like an old school ‘Suicide Black’ deck from back in the day, Standard is still a creature-filled format. The Nighthawks can keep bigger guys at bay or dive in to widen the gap between life totals.

Stuffy Doll is there if you face more Green/White or Jund Style decks. The lone Blasphemous Act is something I wanted to try out with the maindeck Stuffy Dolls and all. There is also the slight possibility the board will get clogged and you’ll need to clean it up. You can also cause massive damage with a Rig and a stuffy doll.

Volatile Rig

                                                                                                     Warning: May cause draws

Volatile Rig might indeed cause the game to end in a draw, much like Earthquake before it. You may need to be careful…unless it gets you out of a situation where you would have lost anyway. It’s actually even more of a draw when Soulcage Fiend gets involved. So if you’re both at like 7 life and you don’t see yourself surviving the next turn, just take a gamble.


A ‘maybe draw’ is still better than a ‘for sure loss’. It may just be kind of bad if your local game store’s rounds are less than the usual 50 minutes.

You can even try to ‘Miracle’ a Bonfire of the Damned with Trading Post‘s last ability:

trading 4 ability

I would love to go on about the decks other ‘strategies’ but I don’t think that’s really necessary. It will usually play out more like a Red/Black Aggro deck with a few tricks/twists. I will be giving this deck a whirl at a few local card shops around Montreal. Wish me luck! Judging by the potential coin flips to come, I’ll need it! I’ll be able to post some tweaks and revisions based on what worked and what didn’t.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, just reply to this blog post or me up on Carte Blanche Hobbies Facebook page.