Magic 2014: Spoilers to date 5

We finally get more relevant goodies from M14 and we’ll start off with the big one:




I guess it makes sense with Slivers being back

Nice, so they give us a rare worth opening packs for! Despite being a reprint and just a rare versus a mythic this card will be in rather high demand. It allows us to do pretty nice tricks in limited and constructed. In Standard, it wil be a manland that will be there to ready to attack opposing planeswalkers.

On another note, the lands have yet to be spoiled. Seeing as how they give us one manland, do you think we will get these?


We can hope right?

Returning Planeswalkers

returning walkers m14

Well, Ajani and Liliana were definitely coming back (plus Jace had a new version in Return to Ravnica)

Most probably this means we get a new Chandra (more or less confirmed) and Garruk. Will there be a wildcard planeswalker (Karn or a Sarkhan variant)? That would indeed be nice. The Chandra’s Phoneix reprint more or less that as usual one of Chandra’s abilities will deal the player damage, but that’s about it. Garruk’s Horde being reprinted just kind of sucks.

Celestial Flare


WW Instant

Target player sacrifices an attacking or blocking creature


Well, we at least get this for the few months that Geist of Saint Traft and company are legal. Respond to the Geist’s token-making ability and kill the little bugger. Of course this only really applies against decks like Bant Hexproof.


Shivan Dragon


Not all reprints are created equal

Shimmering Grotto


For that extra splash color in draft

More to come …

As the release of M14 approaches, we will bringing you more previews from this set, so keep an eye out!

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