Gatecrash Preview: Act of Treason



It’s M12 all over again!

What can be said of this reprint that has not already been said? You probably want a few when drafting or at your local pre-release. It combos great with cards that allow you to sacrifice creatures afterwards. This causes it to act as both a temporary Control Magic and a removal spell all-in-one.

The art is the main thing I personally hate about the card. I guess they couldn’t reuse the M12 art as it had to be more Ravnica-flavoured. It’s also a cool inexpensive casual and Commander card as well. The steal and sac concept being quite popular in the Commander format.

Who know, maybe we will see this played as a one-of in a Standard sideboard? Maybe some decks will prefer to just need 3 mana over the five required for Zealous Conscripts?

Gatecrash Preview: Rubblehulk





While Boros seems to have gotten the ‘quicker’ creature spoiled, the Gruul guild does indeed bring the beef. The Bloodrush keyword is reminiscent of the Channel ability from the Kamigawa block. This guy just gets better the more you ramp, only that he is smaller if you accelerate via mana dorks. Fair enough, but does this mean that there is another Rampant Growth-style spell in Gatecrash?

Stay tuned…

Gatecrash Preview: Firemane Avenger

firemane avenger



Staying true to their more aggressive archetype, the Boros guild receives an ultra-aggressive 3/3 flyer for 4. You can always swing with it and a couple of friends n turn 5 by probably dropping a little guy on turn 5 and activating Slayer’s Stronghold to haste it. It will definitely be a staple to watch. Only time will tell if this deck will be fast enough to compete.

What are everyone else’s thought on this?