Gatecrash Preview: Act of Treason



It’s M12 all over again!

What can be said of this reprint that has not already been said? You probably want a few when drafting or at your local pre-release. It combos great with cards that allow you to sacrifice creatures afterwards. This causes it to act as both a temporary Control Magic and a removal spell all-in-one.

The art is the main thing I personally hate about the card. I guess they couldn’t reuse the M12 art as it had to be more Ravnica-flavoured. It’s also a cool inexpensive casual and Commander card as well. The steal and sac concept being quite popular in the Commander format.

Who know, maybe we will see this played as a one-of in a Standard sideboard? Maybe some decks will prefer to just need 3 mana over the five required for Zealous Conscripts?

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