Gatecrash Preview: Boros Elite

boros eliteHello! White Weenie!

Historically, white weenie decks have largely relied on their one drops to get the party going and dealing 20 points of combat damage as quickly as possible sometimes being backed up with cards like Honor of the Pure. This card follows in that long standing tradition.

Drop one on Turn 1 then another on Turn 2 and follow up with a Skynight Legionnaire to deal insane amounts of damage as early as Turn 3. If they make an Relentless Assault variant, it can get out of hand rather fast. (As the +2/+2 will happen on the first attack step then carry on to the second one on top of another +2/+2 bonus)

I’m not sure if we will see any kind of equipment support in this set as the Boros Legion really need it. Perhaps a Sunforger¬†reprint? I’m sure some people would love that. However, seeing as how Standard just gets more and more creature-based as of late, this card might end up being a bit underwhelming at first.

So, right now we would need some nice two-drops to be spoiled in the Boros guild. Aaaaaaaaaany time now….


Gatecrash Preview: Skyknight Legionnaire

skyknightI think I’ve seen you before…

The card has not aged well

A lot of players are surely happy to see it back. It actually saw a small amount of play early one when Boros was popular. It’s definitely a decent creature and can be played the turn after a Firemane Avenger¬†and still be efficient via the ‘Battalion’ mechanic.

You will probably be picking these relatively early in drafts as well since Boros will probably be an awesome limited weenie deck with minimal bombs or Rares required to win.

Will we see any other ‘Blasts from the Past’ in Gatecrash?

Gatecrash Preview: Firemane Avenger

firemane avenger



Staying true to their more aggressive archetype, the Boros guild receives an ultra-aggressive 3/3 flyer for 4. You can always swing with it and a couple of friends n turn 5 by probably dropping a little guy on turn 5 and activating Slayer’s Stronghold to haste it. It will definitely be a staple to watch. Only time will tell if this deck will be fast enough to compete.

What are everyone else’s thought on this?