UFS Platinum “Plant Man” Review

Really good synopsis of lesser played but fun UFS characters

(Submit a deck list for any of the Platinum characters and I’ll feature it on my next review.  Community interaction!)

He’s fast and his health bar wont go down! PLANT MAN JOINS THE SCENE!

Plant Man has an interesting character design, he’s definitely one of my favorites out of Platinum. He’s one of the few characters with three abilities, which is more uncommon on 7 hand size characters than anywhere else. Do his abilities hold up, are they overpowerd? Let’s take a look.

Plant Man’s bottom two abilities are basically two halves of one ability. They both scale off of the same variable, however they trigger at different times.  The speed during the enhance step, and the life gain at damage.  If you spend momentum for abilities during the enhance step, the life gain will weaken. By design he’s supposed to scale hard into late game. I see him starting…

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