UFS Platinum “Bubble Man” Review

Very short and sweet. Like that time was taken looking at these other UFS Platinum characters from Megaman

Incoming the master of multiples and momentum BUBBLE MAN!!!

To put it bluntly, Bubble Man is a simple character. He gains momentum, and poops out big multiples. Is he good? Yes, in my opinion he is good. However, in my opinion, his design is lacking. Let’s dive in shall we.

Bubble Man’s bottom ability is powerful. Being able to pump damage on multiple attacks scales huge! Suddenly Cowboy Battery is capable of spitting out 14 damage, Ice Slasher 18 damage, or his attack Bubble Lead a whopping 32 damage! There is no question that this ability is powerful, it is a little boring though. Lot’s of big numbers for free on a bunch of attacks. There is certainly a market for that.

Bubble Man’s other ability works well to compliment his first, and is reminiscent of Kyo*. Gaining momentum on demand is always a good thing, especially when it let’s…

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