UFS Platinum “Wood Man” Review.

Great analysis of a sweet character from the Mega man series

Early in the morning and stiff, Wood Man rises!

Wood Man is a defensive 6 hand size character that can build foundations, and add blocks to his hand. Is his ability solid? Absolutely, maybe too solid. Let’s dive in to find out why.

Wood man’s ability is INSANE. He adds a block to his hand, from his staging area, and replaces it with a card form the top of his deck. Since he can pick up face down foundations, it’s soft drawing a card, since he can pick it up on defense or offense next turn. This makes his entire staging area a second hand. I call him Powerful Assassin Man, because that’s essentially what he is, especially since he give you a check bonus after using his enhance. The craziest thing about this ability is that he can recycle cards that dip into your staging area for their ability…

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