UFS: Battle for Power Spoiler

None other than…

mega man 3

the Blue Bomber himself

Pretty unique ability making other Megaman cards you stack on your original one easier to do. That F (once per turn) isn’t too shabby either. You can dig for that final attack when you run low on them in the late game. It might just be the one to finish off your opponent!

Here’s a few of the others that were previously revealed:

sword man tengu man tomahawk man


MegaMan coming to UFS

megaman tinsThese tins are set to come out March 1, 2014

Each of the Megaman UFS tins will containt:

1 Starter Deck

3 Boosters Packs

3 Promo Cards

1 Rule Book

& 1 Poster/Demo Mat

The card artwork looks pretty nice as well. Here are a few snapshots:

megaman preview

proto tin pics

megaman char pics

I’m pretty impressed at the art quality thus far and pretty pleased the the UFS card game is alive and well. I wasn’t too crazy about the Tekken license a while back, but once I saw the cards were hand drawn instead of crappy CG graphics – I changed my mind. Seeing all the megaman characters hand-drawn after all this time is really awesome. I remember playing the original on the NES (yes, it was a looooong time ago) and thinking : “why aren’t they making a comic of this?”

elec manThe fanboy in my is pretty psyched!

We’ll be carrying singles over at Carteblanchehobbies.com when they are officially released. If you are interested in ordering a Megaman or Protoman Tin, you can contact us at carteblanchehobbies@yahoo.com