MegaMan coming to UFS

megaman tinsThese tins are set to come out March 1, 2014

Each of the Megaman UFS tins will containt:

1 Starter Deck

3 Boosters Packs

3 Promo Cards

1 Rule Book

& 1 Poster/Demo Mat

The card artwork looks pretty nice as well. Here are a few snapshots:

megaman preview

proto tin pics

megaman char pics

I’m pretty impressed at the art quality thus far and pretty pleased the the UFS card game is alive and well. I wasn’t too crazy about the Tekken license a while back, but once I saw the cards were hand drawn instead of crappy CG graphics – I changed my mind. Seeing all the megaman characters hand-drawn after all this time is really awesome. I remember playing the original on the NES (yes, it was a looooong time ago) and thinking : “why aren’t they making a comic of this?”

elec manThe fanboy in my is pretty psyched!

We’ll be carrying singles over at when they are officially released. If you are interested in ordering a Megaman or Protoman Tin, you can contact us at

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