FNM Promo for April 2014

encroaching wastesHow disappointed are you?

So after the great FNM promo that is Banisher Priest for March 2014, we get Encroaching Wastes. Really? I mean, does this ever see play, ever? What are they even thinking? I guess if you’re running a monocolor or colorless Commander general it’s fine, but in Standard? I highly doubt it will see any kind of serious play. Maybe with Courser of Kruphix in a deck, we might be able to get a bit greedy and play it off the top of our decks for ‘value’ if we missed our land drop? I just don’t know …

encroaching artWhat a ‘waste’!

Remember that you can only get these in April 2014, which is still quite some time from now. Go to your local brick and mortar store FNM events for a chance to win them either randomly or by finishing in the Top 2.


FNM Promo for December 2013

sin collector fnm


Ready to purge more sins in Standard

We’ve seen him in some Junk list and reanimator lists of Standard past, but Sin Collector is soon to continue seeing play. He goes along nicely in a deck with Obzedat, Ghost Council and Blood Baron of Vizkopa. Th only problem is that with restoration Angel gone, how will people feel about the prospect of playing him with no obvious potential for extra value?

Being able to snag key spells out of our opponent’s hand now that the format is slower means that this guy will probably see some more play overall.  If you’re playing the Esper mirror match you can also just bring them in from your sideboard to get a little edge by snagging that Sphinx’s Revelation early enough. The new artwork is so much better than the original, which I always though was pretty unexciting.

sin collector

You no longer have to play this version if you manage to win a few FNM’s in December


Remember that two are given at random and two to 1st-2nd place

FNM Promo for May 2013

judges familiar fnm

More or less majestic than the original? You decide!


Nice shiny FNM card for May 2013. Unfortunately, it does not really seem to make it in any decklists except maybe in some Maverick or Death and Taxes Legacy decks. Still, we can’t complain much since it’s at least a Standard legal card.

Most players appreciate that they can play with the cards they win and most players do play Standard. Or, at least the ones that attend FNM’s.

Hang in there, stay until the end. Two promos are given out to the Top 2 but you might win one of the 2 that are given out at random.



At a Magic: the Gathering store near you!

FNM Promo for June 2013

izzet charm fnm


We already get a glimpse of June 2013’s FNM promo card. It is given out at your local FNM event, usually 2 for the Top 2 and 2 at random. This card is rather nice as it sees play from time to time and all its effects are really useful. A lot of people ran in in some UWR Standard Control lists, will it see more play with Dragon’s Maze coming out?

Only time will tell..


Remember to attend your local FNM to get a chance to win promos and other prizes