FNM Promo for December 2013

sin collector fnm


Ready to purge more sins in Standard

We’ve seen him in some Junk list and reanimator lists of Standard past, but Sin Collector is soon to continue seeing play. He goes along nicely in a deck with Obzedat, Ghost Council and Blood Baron of Vizkopa. Th only problem is that with restoration Angel gone, how will people feel about the prospect of playing him with no obvious potential for extra value?

Being able to snag key spells out of our opponent’s hand now that the format is slower means that this guy will probably see some more play overall.  If you’re playing the Esper mirror match you can also just bring them in from your sideboard to get a little edge by snagging that Sphinx’s Revelation early enough. The new artwork is so much better than the original, which I always though was pretty unexciting.

sin collector

You no longer have to play this version if you manage to win a few FNM’s in December


Remember that two are given at random and two to 1st-2nd place

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