FNM Promo for April 2014

encroaching wastesHow disappointed are you?

So after the great FNM promo that is Banisher Priest for March 2014, we get Encroaching Wastes. Really? I mean, does this ever see play, ever? What are they even thinking? I guess if you’re running a monocolor or colorless Commander general it’s fine, but in Standard? I highly doubt it will see any kind of serious play. Maybe with Courser of Kruphix in a deck, we might be able to get a bit greedy and play it off the top of our decks for ‘value’ if we missed our land drop? I just don’t know …

encroaching artWhat a ‘waste’!

Remember that you can only get these in April 2014, which is still quite some time from now. Go to your local brick and mortar store FNM events for a chance to win them either randomly or by finishing in the Top 2.


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