Temmet Brawl Decks

Temmet was on of my commander decks in 2017 because it seemed like a cool idea to double-dip on the value end. (he dies, you eternalize him, then you put him in the command zone and repeat — basically he would cost 5 mana between each commander tax if you emblamed him). While he was prety fun to play with the token theme, he was far from being really good. In brawl, where the format seems more aggressive, his ability can be more relevant (we hope).


Here are a few brews I found for Temmet Brawl decks while scouring the ‘net.

Temmet, Vizier of Brawl  https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/temmet-vizier-of-brawl

Temmet Brawl                    https://decks.tcgplayer.com/magic/brawl/ceridis/temmet-brawl/1317337

Temmet Token Brawl       https://manastack.com/deck/temmet-token-brawl

CalebMTG Temmet           https://streamerclips.com/twitch/calebdmtg/BlindingFilthyFlyKappaRoss


There are obvious similarities between the lists, but it’s funny that even with a limited card pool that is Standard – we get some cool variety within the same commander. Overall it’s quite an inexpensive undertaking to build and play this. It’s combar oriented with some incremental value and a few ‘get back in the game’ cards like Fumigate. I’ll undoubtedly be crafting my own version soon using these ones for some inspiration (I’m quite partial to Embalm/Eternalize and God-Pharaoh’s Gift)

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