Kaiba Corporation Sleeves coming to the West

Source: https://ygorganization.com/kaibacorprunthistownscountries/

For those of you who wanted these when they appeared in the OCG, this is your chance.

Kaiba Corporation Card Sleeves and Deck Case, available Friday, September 28. Kaiba Corporation Card Sleeves, designed for optimal performance, feature Kaiba Corporation signature circuitry design along with the stunning KC logo on top of a pearl white base with a holographic frame. Kaiba Corporation Deck Case is similarly designed and features a Deck Divider to help Duelists keep organized so they can focus on the Duel at hand. Kaiba Corporation Card Sleeves contains 50 sleeves designed to meet regulation standards, while Kaiba Corporation Deck Case is a slimmer version of previous models, forming the perfect fit for Main, Side and Extra Decks.

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