Dragon’s Maze Preview: Uncovered Clues and more

wave 8

Today’s Spoiler Wave is rather small and not too epic, so I apologize in advance.

Uncovered Clues

uncovered clues

A cheaper Foresee

A nice little card advantage card here for spell-based combo decks in Standard. It’s not really that great in anything else as you only dig 4 and are not guaranteed of hitting anything. If you are playing control you probably just want to run Forbidden Alchemy. I would play this in the Epic Experiment deck I am eventually planning on building, but not much else. It’s still a very good common and can even see play in some kind of token deck where all the spells are instant/soceries that simply produce tokens and populate ( Call of the Conclave, Eyes in the Sky, etc.)

Notion Thief

notion thief

Take that Sphinx’s Revelation!

I’m not really sure how often this is going to mess up an opposing Sphinx’s Revelation, but it will be priceless when it does. Most veteran players will not simply cast a Revelation while you have 4 mana untapped. The thing is, it’s not an ‘enters the battlefield’ effect. Much like Aven Mindcensor, this will frustrate many opponents.

In Commander, Notion Thief will generate a LOT of hate as a lot of the draw spells are usually things that draw you 2+ cards and of course this simply demolishes a Brainstorm. Your opponent does NOT draw three, but he does have to put 2 cards back on top of his deck. If this thing was a 2/1 and cost 3 it would be insane in Legacy.

Viashino Firstblade

viashino firstblade

Yummy common

Another haster after we Skyknight Legionnaire. With Boros aggro becoming a ‘thing’, battalion is becoming slightly more threatening and this hits harder than the Legionnaire (of course the tradeoff being that later on it’s simply a 2/2 vanilla creature). If anything nab some and make a budget-friendly Battalion haste deck to teach new players in your area how to play.


catch release

Half Zealous Conscripts/ half something awesome!

Very interesting card we have here. The first half is something we have gotten more and more used to thanks to Zealous Conscripts having seen some Standard play here and there. It now becomes even more dangerous to hold back a planeswalker for its ‘ultimate ability’. Tamiyo can become even more of a liability now.

zealous conscripts

Remember this guy?

The other half is one I wish I could shove into my Commander deck, but it’s a Gisela deck. This effect is really interesting as it’s probably a semi-vindicate if you don’t run planeswalker, enchantments or artifacts. I don’t see any direct application of it in Standard. If you are running an experimental Red/White/Blue deck in Standard, you might run it for the first half and then end up using the second half to get out of a bind.

At ten whole mana you get to choose which of your opponent’s permanents you destroy/sacrifice, but that’s something a little far-fetched and probably reserve for those epic Commander multi-player games.

Maze Creatures

maze sentinelmaze glidermaze abomination

maze rushermaze berserker


Here’s a cute little commons cycle that is quite odd. They are all like mini ‘lords’ for multi-colored creatures, yet there mana costs are way to high. They all posses the ability they grant and are for the most part great finishers in Limited formats (especially the Maze Glider). They all have the Elemental creature type, so you can maybe experiment with some of the Lorwyn block cards too!

Back tomorrow for Wave 9!

Give our Blog a read tomorrow for some brand new Spoilers/Previews!

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