Gatecrash Preview: Devour Flesh


Diabolic Edict in Standard? Nice!

Cool card and cool art. drawn by fan favorite Kev Walker. You have the advantage of running it in Modern over Geth’s Verdict since it only costs 1 black mana instead of two. Secondly, you can realistically use it on yourself to gain some life. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as you can just sacrifice something that was going to die anyways.

 devour blurb

How about that quote?

You are what you eat… literally! That’s err… logical. I think foil versions of this are going to be sought after for Legacy play and probably even Standard. It beats out Geist of Saint Traft by a turn, which is awesome.

Who knows, it might bring about the resurgence of Mono-Black in Standard? What do you guys think?

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