Gatecrash Preview: Rapid Hybridization

rapid hybridization

Pongify #2!

Yes this is pretty much a Pongify, just that it produces a 3/3 Frog Lizard instead of a Ape Token. Now you might at first think the card is underwhelming, but it is actually one of the only Standard cards right now that can deal with Obzedat, Ghost Council.

obzYes, remember this guy? He will be rather hard to permanently deal with.

This is probably a great fit in UW Flash, a deck that has recently fallen out of favor due to the rise of Cavern of Souls and its inherent problems to actually remove threats in play. This new Pongify-style card obviously gains us value since we can Snapcaster Mage it back when needed, making it a much more stable removal than the tempo-ish Unsummon.

Restoration Angel

3/3 Frog Lizard? That sounds like it’s right up my alley!

Yes Restoration Angel, you block those things all day long. Is there anything you can’t do?

resto fail

Ah! You can’t flicker Angels. True…

In Limited it can be used as a combat trick to get an evolve trigger in while destroying one of your smaller guys and having you ‘Evolve’ creature survive and kill the creature it was in combat with.

So far, this is my pick for Uncommon of the set. So far…

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