Gatecrash Preview: Elusive Krasis

elusive kras


Woah! what?

Here we have yet another ‘Evolve’ creature. This one will surely be on the list of infinite casual decks for some time to come. A high toughness unblockable dude can survive things like Rolling Temblor and company. He is not Invisible Stalker by any means, but then again what is?

The Fish Mutant creature type is interesting. This might give people hope for that much ‘hyped’ Green Blue Sea Creature-ish planeswalker they have been talking about. She’s in the Duels of the Planeswalkers game:

File:Kiora Atua.jpg

Kiroa Atua

Rancor is already great on its own but seems rather great on this little guy. The only thing that may be bad is that the ‘Evolve’ mechanic forces a player to spam the field with increasingly bigger creatures and making them more vulnerable to a Supreme Verdict-style board clearer. Usually though just as a 4/6 (2 triggers + Rancor) should be enough to finish games rather quickly.

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