Gatecrash Preview: Gridlock

gidlockNice flavor text!

This card is very similar to :


Again, a card of Ravnica block past

For once, not a direct upgrade of a previous card in Gatecrash. The reason being that Gigadrowse makes copies requiring each to be countered separately as opposed to Gridlock.

Realistically though, Gridlock is just way more playable in today’s Standard where most decks are 2-4 colors and don’t always have access to 4-6 blue sources at one time.

This card allows us to trump control matchups for when you essentially want to ‘tap out’ your opponent on his end step. That way you are free to cast whatever you want without getting it countered on your own turn.

In the same way, it can serve as a Tangle on your opponent’s end step. It then allows you to Alpha Strike your opponent for what would be the win, hopefully. Not a central card but defiinitely a great team player.


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