Gatecrash Preview: Crypt Ghast

crypt ghast


Nirkana Revenant Jr?

It seems like we have seen many of these new Gatecrash cards before in some for or another, doesn’t it? This guy in my opinion is a tad better than its predecessor. He actually accelerates you early on as opposed to turn 6 where it would be less relevant.

Additionally, we get the rather nice Extort ability slapped onto it. Plus it almost always pays for its own Extort which is pretty sweet. The art could have been nicer though, but I’m just being picky there.

Crypt Ghast might be used in some kind of control deck to cast some Mutilates and Liliana of the Dark Realms. Plus you can even get some extra value off of the Liliana Ultimate:

lili ulti

Seems a tad unnecessary eh?

So you get 6 mana each time you tap a swamp for mana. What to do? Too bad Extort can’t be paid more than once per spell (that would bascially be a free Drain Life¬†with every spell). Instead we have previously previewed card Gateway Shade:

gateway shade

Still not very appealing as it’s lacking some form of evasion, but I’m sure a worthy monoblack mana sink will surface. Just stay tuned…

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