Gatecrash Preview: Biomass Mutation


Wow! Instant and playable in Blue OR Green?

Really big merfolk is what I see in this card. Assemble a horde of little green or blue guys and just watch them explode! Like those old commercials for the little sponge creatures that grow with added water and you keep as pets (80’s represent).

The Instant on this card is what makes it awesome. As opposed to Overrun, this is an actual combat trick. Probably more in limited where you attack with a bunch of your little guys to seemingly just poke a tiny bit of damage through. Your opponent will either block your little guys or let them through, either way it’s a losing proposition if you have this in hand with a decent amount of mana on the battlefield.


These creatures look somewaht smaller than the ones on Biomass Mutation, no?

Think of the insane possibilities with Elf decks packing Elvish Archdruid or Priest of Titania. Make a ton of mana with your one elf then swing in with the rest of your army. In Commander, where matches usually last really long, this can be a great finisher with even only 3 creatures in play. It also does wonders with creatures like Needle Specter or Cold-Eyed Selkie which get you a better benefit when they grow.

Gatecrash Preview: Adaptive Snapjaw



Gotta love that quote!

This card gives us a nice little peek at the possibilities of the ‘Evolve’ mechanic. While not being the greatest of commons, it does almost always Evolve your other Simic guild creatures. Its low toughness is actually great as it will also most likely evolve on the following turn when we cast a 3-toughness or greater creature. So basically it’s a 7/3+ for 5 mana that you have to wait a turn for. If you have played limited for some time, you surely realise that it’s a pretty good deal. It grows a creature and possibly keeps growing itself.

A great follow-up to Fathom Mage to be sure. Make Fathom Mage a 2/2 and draw a card off it. That’s probably going to be restricted to being a limited play, but who cares? Try it as an cheap casual deck for fun!