Magic 2014: Event Deck

m14 event deck


So the Magic 2014 Event decklist has been spoiled and here’s waht we get for 19.99$ MSRP


Rush of the Wild

12 Forest
4 Gruul Guildgate
6 Mountain
1 Rogue’s Passage
1 Stomping Ground

24 lands

2 Burning-Tree Emissary
1 Deadbridge Goliath
2 Dryad Militant
4 Elvish Mystic
4 Ghor-Clan Rampager
2 Kalonian Tusker
1 Ogre Battledriver
1 Pyrewild Shaman
2 Rakdos Cackler
1 Rubblebelt Raiders
2 Skarrg Guildmage
3 Slaughterhorn
1 Wild Beastmaster
1 Wrecking Ogre

27 creatures

1 Armed // Dangerous
1 Clan Defiance
2 Flames of the Firebrand
1 Gruul Charm
1 Mizzium Mortars
3 Shock

9 other spells


2 Act of Treason
3 Annihilating Fire
2 Enlarge
2 Gruul Charm
2 Naturalize
1 Savage Summoning
3 Skullcrack
15 sideboard cards


It’s a standard-looking Red/Green ‘Bloodrush’ deck with a few tricks here and there. I think it’s somewhat ok to FNM with, provided you don’t mind ‘just attacking’ most of the time.


As we did with the Dragon’s Maze Event Deck, let’s do a Rare card analysis:


Stomping Ground

stomping ground


As with the previous iteration of the one Event Deck/10 Rares version, we get a Ravnica Dual Land. This is just awesome as it doesn’t really lower the secondary market price much and allows the newer player to either decide to gather up more duals or just go ahead and trade this one for some other cards he might need. Either way, it stimulates the MTG economy.

Of course, Wizards of the Coast knows what they’re doing here. We know this is the ‘best’ card in the deck so it’s all downhill from here…


Deadbridge Goliath


deadbridge goliath



I remember that when return to Ravnica came out I thought this card would have soem kind of impact. Well I was half right. it had found its way into a Black/Green ‘fight’ deck in Standard. Since then it has been endlessly printed in various decks on top of being the Release promo. Reduced to pretty much bulk rare value, it’s still decent. New players won’t be disappointed to see this and veterans know that there is much much worse.


Wild Beastmaster

wild beastmaster


Speaking of worse … Yeah, they had to print this huh? Bad Wizards! bad!

I get the reasoning behind this: you swing with this and a bunch of dudes,then Wham! Bloodrush ! Still, this is very disenchanting if anything. A wasted rare slot that could almost have been anything else.

garruk's horde


*Sigh* Yes, even you !

Ogre Battledriver

ogre battledriver




Ah! a card most people actually want from M14. I’m down with that. I managed to trade a lot of them in the past week and with good reason. He’s a decent ‘build around me’ card and he’s your standard medium-sized attacker. It’s fairly decent in the deck as well. Good job on this one Wizards of the Coast!


Pyrewild Shaman



Another ‘Bloodrush’ creature. While not terribly unplayable, he’s somewhat not at home in this deck. You need your creatures to connect (ie: flying, trample,unblockable,intimidate). While this deck has some tramplers, I don’t think it’s the right one to include Pyrewild Shaman in.

Oh well! On the bright side, it could have been another one of these:


wild beastmaster


Thank goodness they usually only have one copy of each rare!

Rubblebelt Raiders

rubblebelt raiders




Despite their namesake, they are not related to the Hamburglar (Rubble-rubble!).



This so makes me want to go grab some cheeseburgers

The name is the most exciting part of this card. It’s another ‘big attacker’. Oh joy! I guess you need these kinds of cards to make non-utility creatures looks epic. An OK inclusion overall, but they could have tried harder here.

Wrecking Ogre

wreckign ogre




Big Daddy Bloodrush in the house! He’s pretty insane almost always, although you almost never want to cast him as an actual creature. Once again, the ‘value’ on it is low, but the fun/playability factor is rather good.


Clan Defiance

clan defiance


A very respectable spell that quite a few people predicted would go up in value. It just never really took off and now it’s just rounding out 10 rare card event decks. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

Allright, it was never that mighty and it’s actually a really good addition to this deck. Not every card can be a creature (although playing in the current Standard format sure seems that way). It’s great to show the newer players that 3 for 1’s are still possible.


Mizzium Mortars

mizzium mortars




Woah! a spell that’s not a creature and has seen competitive play? That’s still worth something? Can they really do that?


This is very nice on both fronts (deck playability and value). It may even make older players grab some if they don’t have this card and Stomping Ground. Well, the 10th rare in the deck might do that as well:


Savage Summoning

savage summoning




It was very talked about before M14 was released and it has yet to see play (just kidding, it’s only been 1 week). The card does nothing on its own, so the decision to have it in the sideboard is a good one. I know that most of the new players are just going to jam it into the maindeck anyhow because it is a rather impressive-looking card.

When you consider the overall value of this deck, you can’t ignore the uncommons. A lot of the uncommons in here are worth more than most rares in the deck, which is saying a lot. In the grand scheme of things, they add a lot more ‘value’ to the M14 event deck and actually make purchase-worthy.


For the last part, I’ll just quote what was previously said of the last event deck:


Final Verdict

While we are far from getting an insane value out of it, it exemlifies what Wizards sought out to do:

1) purchase deck

2) open it and sleeve it (optional)

3) play it at a local FNM

4) have fun!


Here’s hoping they jam a Scavenging Ooze or Mutavault in the next Event decks.



Dragon’s Maze Preview: Emmara Tandris and more

wave 9

Emmara Tandris

emarra tandris

A very majestic looking creature

We start things off with Emmara Tandris, who graces us with her lovely presence today. She screams Commander and I can already imagine all the people that will be clamoring for a foil copy. She’s not in any starter, so it will legitimately be in demand.

The card itself is obviously a bomb in limited, providing a sizeable body and an ability that anyone can appreciate. There might be the possibility of decks featuring Yeva, Nature’s Herald running her, but that is rather unlikely. She costs way too much to see play and her ability really only affects tokens, so you more or less have to be running a GW tokens deck, in which case I would opt for something more akin to Collective Blessing.

Pyrewild Shaman

pyrewild shaman

Half ‘Squee’, half ‘Giant Growth’

This is one goblin shaman I can really get behind! He obviously comes from Squee’s lineage. His versatility in pumping your creatures or chumping/trading with your opponent’s creatures almost endlessly is just awesome. The condition of being of course, that you need to deal combat damage with something (probably some trample creature or maybe just a flyer).


His great great great great x infinity grandfather would be proud!

Of course the deck is typically belongs in would be some kind of RG aggressive deck featuring a few creatures with the Bloodrush mechanic. I see him being played more in some kind of RU deck featuring hard to block creatures or unblockable creatures (Invisble Stalker) so as to constantly be swinging for 4 every turn. Attack, Bloodrush with Pyrewild Shaman, pay 3 mana and get Pyrewild Shaman back in your hand to repeat next turn.

This is just a random brainstormed example of course but don’t forget he can easily just be played as a somewhat efficient creature and attack when need be. This card will not be homeless when the time comes for Dragon’s Maze Standard, I can assure you.

Warleader’s Helix

warleader's helix

A nice tribute to the original

I guess Lightning Helix got trademarked by Ajani Vengeant, so they had to go ahead and give Aurelia her own version. A version that takes down Restoration Angels no less. I suppose we now know why a lot of 4-toughness or 2/4 creatures are in this set. They are out of the range of regular burn, but not Boros burn!

In constructed this will most assuredly see play. A lot of the planeswalkers in Standard start at 3, so even if they tick up to 4 loyalty this helix will take them out. Of course, smaller ones like Tibalt can be shot down even 1 turn later. Or of course, he can simply be ignored (at your own risk).

That last bit about Tibalt being a threat was a joke, for those of you who didn’t catch it.


Sorry buddy!

Warped Physique

warped physique

The side effects of one too many protein shakes?

Apparently Wizards of the Coast decided it would fun to educate all of us on the dangers of only working out your upper body. Huge chest and arms coupled with tiny chicken legs.

Good little limited card, although doubtful it will be seen across  the table even at a local FNM constructed event. Just remember the lesson here folks and you’ll be just fine.

More Split cards


A nice little shot of more split cards

While we’re on the topic of split cards, I am reminded of local pro player Xavier Biron’s story on his hate for split cards. He would actively seek out foil copies of cards like Fire/Ice and co. to purposely cut them in half and make a collection out of them. Apparently the hate was not widespread and Wizards of the Coast continued printing these.

I for one am very happy to get extra ‘value’ out of my cardboard and flexibilty as well. Not all of them are good and it will be interesting to see which ones get tried out in existing decks.


3B/ 2G

Target player discards two cards.

Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.

Each half of this card costs 1 more mana than its original printing. In Dirty’s case, it is on par with Recollect (or overcosted Regrowth). It’s probably a good 22nd-23d card in your draft deck if nothing else.




Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

Creatures your opponents control get -1/-1 until end of turn.


This is oviously a very overcosted Zealous Persecution. Each half even costs more than the card that provides you with the full effect. A combat trick nonetheless for limited purpose, but don’t you dare even think about sleeving this baby up in a 60-card deck.




Target creature gets +2/+4 until end of turn.
Target creature gets -4/-0 until end of turn.

Kind of like a less deadly Agony Warp. Avoid playing this when you can as there is better if random +/- action is your thing.




Creatures you control are indestructible this turn.
Creatures you control gain deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

Oh yes! If there is one neat trick I would at least try in constructed, this would be it. ready shrugs of Supreme Verdict for your side.

The other half can either force undesirable trades in combat or when fused, provide a rather deadly one-sided effect. Of course, in this case you are running three colors. Commander format says hi!

Speaking of Split…

It’s time for us to split until another upcoming day of previews/spoilers tomorrow. Toodles!