Gatecrash Preview: High Priest of Penance

high priest of penanceVindicate‘ on a stick. 

Ah! when the original version was spoiled (in Italian, I believe) some people thought it was a enters the battlefield ability. You can obviously see how ridiculous this is given its mana cost. I mean Vindicate costs 3 mana and you don’t get a creature out of it to boot. The final translated version is even worse than anticipated, requiring it to have taken damage versus just going to the graveyard.

Obviously some people will try to abuse it by pumping its toughness and pinging it with something like Izzet Staticaster. It obviously makes a good blocker, albeit comparable to Loyal Sentry.

Loyal Sentry

Remember this guy? yeah, me either…

It may just end up being a nice little ‘unblockable’ creature. Perhaps some kind of decent aura from this sent can aid it. Probably an Orzhov-themed one.

Its uses in EDH alongside something like Sun Titan may be rather interesting to explore. What amount of play will this card realistically see in the new Standard format? Probably a decent amount at the start when everyone is busy brewing and a lot less when more decks become established.