Tiny Geist

tiny geist

Tiny Leader Geist of Saint Traft

Tiny Leader Format

Creatures: 9
1 Banisher Priest
1 Eidolon of Countless Battles
1 Fiend Hunter
1 Geist of Saint Traft
1 Grand Abolisher
1 Mirran Crusader
1 Mother of Runes
1 Silverblade Paladin
1 True-Name Nemesis

Artifacts: 5
1 Isochron Scepter
1 Lightning Greaves
1 Sundial of the Infinite
1 Swiftfoot Boots
1 Sword of Feast and Famine

Enchantments: 7
1 Oblivion Ring
1 Banishing Light
1 Detention Sphere
1 Honor of the Pure
1 Spear of Heliod
1 Spectral Flight
1 Steel of the Godhead

Planeswalkers: 2
1 Ajani, Caller of the Pride

Instants: 9
1 Brainstorm
1 Counterspell
1 Cyclonic Rift
1 Disrupting Shoal
1 Swords to Plowshares
1 Path to Exile
1 Snap
1 Stifle
1 Unexpectedly Absent

Lands: 19
1 Cavern of Souls
1 Command Tower
1 Flooded Strand
1 Glacial Fortress
1 Hallowed Fountain
4 Island
1 Mystic Gate
1 Opal Palace
5 Plains
1 Seachrome Coast
1 Temple of Enlightenment
1 Tundra

The deck is designed by one of the guys that runs the official Tiny Leader Facebook page and blog: Steven Hamonic. It’s an aggressive take on Geist of Saint Traft. The little enchantment sub-theme is cute, basically going for a bunch of exile enchantment effects all the while clearing the way for our Tiny Leader as well as bolstering Eidolon of Countless Battles. Then there’s the Instants suite, which is pretty sweet! with Isochron Scepter in the mix. Being able to cast Unexpectedly Absent on whatever our opponent plays is nice, doing it every turn is nasty. Also, you can do some ‘stack tricks’ with it and Oblivion Ring/Detention Sphere and repeatedly remove cards on your opponent’s side of the battlefield (assuming you have Isochron + Unexpectedly Absent in play). Snap on Isochron Scepter is nice as well, since it will be costing us 0 mana 🙂


sundialCute and dangerous

Sundial of the infinite is somewhat weird here, but it basically guarantees we get to keep our 4/4 angel token generated by Geist of Saint Traft.We simply need to activate at the end of combat trigger. It also ends our turn if our opponent played something like Celestial Flare, forcing us to sacrifice our attacking Geist of Saint Traft. There are a few more interactions with the Sundial, but you can probably find a ton on Google.

Otherwise, the deck also plays creatures that our opponents will have a tough time messing with, especially True-Name Nemesis and a Mother of Runes equipped with either Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots.

Steven also provided the sideboard:


Elixir of Immortality
Ethersworn Canonist
Ghostly Prison
Oblivion Stone
Phyrexian Revoker
Rest in Peace
Seal of Cleansing
Swan Song
Wall of Denial

Some nice defensive cards against more swarm-oriented decks. Rest in Peace doesn’t hurt us much, if any and is a concession to whatever graveyard interactions there might be in the format. Oblivion Stone is just great for when everything is going badly for you. Again, it’s just based on a local metagame so don’t hesitate to tweak it.

Tiny Leader Links

Tiny leader Blog Site

Tiny Leader Facebook page

Tiny Leader Ban List


Tiny Leaders Deck Construction:
– Deck Restrictions:
• 50 Card decks.
• Singleton (Only 1 of each card except for Basic Lands)
• All cards must be Converted Mana Cost 3 or less.
• Must include a LEGENDARY CREATURE as a General, which IS included in the 50 cards.
• Starting Life Total: 25
• No free Mulligan.
• No ‘Commander Damage’ rule.
• Tiny Leaders is a 2-Player format.

Give it a try!

World Magic Cup Qualifier Goodies



The promo card given out to everyone participating is:


geist promo

Where’s that FOIL angel token I had lying around?

Much like the Vengevine of last year, the card is a Mythic and sure to be in demand. Be it Modern or Commander, Geist of Saint Traft always wiggles his way into some kind of deck. A lot of players might just want a more ‘affordable’ foil copy for their cubes (Along with all those sweet Conspiracy FOIL draft artifacts and Hidden Agenda cards). If you’re good/lucky enough to make it into the Top 8, you can even claim this awesome playmat:

lili mat

Is that Liliana’s veil? 

I’m guessing this is a not so subtle hint that Liliana is the black planeswalker in Magic 2015. We do catch a small glimpse of her in the Trailer for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015   Garruk is the main character it seems. Is he a flip card? Monoblack? or something really really bizarre. I’m almost willing to bet one of his abilities will be a Beast Within. Go on down and give your almost last hurrah to Standard, give it the good old ‘college try’!