World Magic Cup Qualifier Goodies



The promo card given out to everyone participating is:


geist promo

Where’s that FOIL angel token I had lying around?

Much like the Vengevine of last year, the card is a Mythic and sure to be in demand. Be it Modern or Commander, Geist of Saint Traft always wiggles his way into some kind of deck. A lot of players might just want a more ‘affordable’ foil copy for their cubes (Along with all those sweet Conspiracy FOIL draft artifacts and Hidden Agenda cards). If you’re good/lucky enough to make it into the Top 8, you can even claim this awesome playmat:

lili mat

Is that Liliana’s veil? 

I’m guessing this is a not so subtle hint that Liliana is the black planeswalker in Magic 2015. We do catch a small glimpse of her in the Trailer for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015   Garruk is the main character it seems. Is he a flip card? Monoblack? or something really really bizarre. I’m almost willing to bet one of his abilities will be a Beast Within. Go on down and give your almost last hurrah to Standard, give it the good old ‘college try’!

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