From the Vault: Twenty Spoilers (continued)

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And we’re back!

Venser, Shaper Savant

venser ftvA shame he had to die in Magic continuity

Good to see this particular legend back in print. It was beginning to become ridiculous at 20$ (not that the FTV release is going to change much in that respect). Still, I’m sure most players can appreciate this ‘Boomerang’/’Counterspell’ on a stick.

Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni

ink-eyesI just can’t get enough?

Seriously Wizards, how many times are you going to reprint this guy? Not that I think it’s a bad card, but did this realyl warrant another printing? There’s the regular release, the pre-release, the Planechase one and now From the Vaut: Twenty. Art is the same as the original (at least they got that right, because the Pre-Release one is hideous).

I remember this thing being a statue a bunch of years ago at one of the local cardshops here in Montreal. It was actually quite cool-looking and I know they made a bunch of them for Kamigawa (maybe they should do the same for Theros?)

ink-eyes statue

And you thought splinter was the only Ninja Rat …

We’re almost halfway through the set and it’s looking pretty darn good. This thing is probably pre-ordered out everywhere at 200-400$+. Still, for those of you that only want specific cards – it might just be worth waiting to purchase them as singles (unless of course you’re just eyeing Jace, the Mind Sculptor).

From the Vault : Twenty

ftv 20

20 years already?

This new edition of From the Vault is boasting 20 cards over the usual fifteen which is great for everyone as most of these cards are in high demand for most of the casual formats. However, this specific set is featuring 20 cards that have been an integral part of tournament winning decks past. Of course, they will be abiding by the Reserve List. No Moxes, Lotuses or Dual Lands in this one folks!

The preview art has of course sparked some discussion over what card it is. I for one am convinced that it is none other than Mother of Runes. Some people have guessed that it is a counterspell of sorts, but I highly doubt it. The blue aura around her hand would indicate that she indeed countered something, but keep in mind that Mom’s ability also counters things like targeted removal spells. Another clue that would indicate it being a creature is that the creature is the main subject of the card. I read a few article a while back that explained how the art direction department at Wizard of the Coasts operated. The art is clearly pointing towards the female character and the ‘importance’ that she is old. Well, the regular art on Mother of Runes shows a middle-aged woman, but there is no reason that this can’t be the same woman years later.

mom art ftv

Mom? Is that you?

Of course there are nineteen other cards in the set and we can be sure to get a few ‘Troll’ cards in there from Wizards of the Coast. Something that would have been feature in a really old tournament winning deck back in the day but is now all but obsolete. Probably something like Ernham Djinn. It will surely be fun to keep an eye out for any further updates and see how the rest of the spoilers develop.

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Release Date: August 23, 2013