Gatecrash Preview: Dimir Keyrune


Dimir Keyrune

A nice little keyrune that you probably want to Cipher on because it’s unblockable (obviously) and it’s the one that ramps you in colors that are not that obvious to accelerate in (Standard format). It’s also really good to poke through opposing planeswalkers (much like Creeping Tar Pit was in Zendikar-era Standard) .

creeping tar pit

The little planeswalker killer

You can also play it in your little Dimir ‘mill’ deck to cast a turn 4 Jace, Memory Adept¬†an accelerate the milling process. It also just gives you a slow-ish win condition as a control deck. It’s grindy and slow and probably not that good in the current meta, but thing will surely change with Gatecrash in the mix.