Gatecrash Preview: Aurelia, the Warleader



Gisela’s Commander competition as general

When the foil version showed up earlier on, a lot of people were in disbelief. You thought Gisela, Blade of Goldnight was good? This
card take it to the next Boros level.

While Gisela  was good at protecting you and your team as well as giving you a substantial offence boost, this card is more true to the Boros swarm philosophy. Note: some of you may not be aware of this, but the extra combat phase will indeed cause all your Battalion effects to trigger again. This is huge for the cards like Firemane Avenger and Boros Elite.

You can setup an end of turn Aurelia’s Fury and just drop Aurelia on your main phase, enter combat step and go to town.


aureliasf ury


The premiere Gatecrash mythic

Of course, there is one thing….while she is a bit cheaper than her fellow Boros legend, she is still pushing the Boros curve. Traditionally, these decks are not known for needing to hit 6 mana to win. Boros decks did not pack cards like Inferno Titan when they were Standard legal, because they are speed-based decks. Similarly to Red deck wins, but with more creatures over burn spells.

So while this card seems great on the surface, I think it will be mostly relegated to the Commander format.



OR….will it?

Remember now that all 10 Ravnica Dual Lands will be available. This means that a deck like Naya (Red-Green-White) which had a sketchy manabase can now become more consistent. Naya being known for its beefier creatures and acceleration can really benefit from this Relentless Assault on a stick. I wager it will probably be seen as a two-of in these decks, so don’t dismiss it as a pure casual card just yet!