Nicol Bolas update in Archenemy

Sweet packaging

The contents of the upcoming Archenemy: Nicol Bolas set for Magic: The Gathering have been revealed by Wizards of the Coast.  The set will release on June 16.

Intended for “Archenemy Format” play, the Nicol Bolas set will include four pre-constructed 60-card decks, one for Nicol Bolas itself and three for the players who will team up against it.  Also include are 20 oversized scheme cards for Nicol Bolas, 10 double-sided tokens, 4 deck boxes, and a life tracker.

Archenemy:  Nicol Bolas is intended for four-player games.

Will the deck resemble a previously flavorful build that was posted on the Wizards of the Coast website a long time ago?



Planeswalker (2)
1 Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
1 Sarkhan the Mad
Creature (26)
1 Bone Shredder
1 Rakka Mar
1 Grave Titan
1 Shadowmage Infiltrator
1 Cadaver Imp
1 Mordant Dragon
1 Ascendant Evincar
1 Sphinx of Lost Truths
1 Blood Tyrant
1 Nirkana Cutthroat
1 Masticore
1 Sphinx of Magosi
1 Moroii
1 Hoarding Dragon
1 Malfegor
1 Magma Phoenix
1 Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs
1 Thraximundar
1 Izzet Chronarch
1 Skeletal Vampire
1 Clone
1 Nekrataal
1 Platinum Angel
1 Ancient Hellkite
1 Crater Hellion
1 Faceless Butcher
Sorcery (12)
1 Consuming Vapors
1 Chain Reaction
1 Rough // Tumble
1 Cruel Ultimatum
1 All Is Dust
1 Time Reversal
1 Earthquake
1 Sins of the Past
1 Hex
1 Slave of Bolas
1 Disaster Radius
1 Demonic Tutor
Instant (9)
1 Consume the Meek
1 Doom Blade
1 Sulfurous Blast
1 Breath of Malfegor
1 Rend Flesh
1 Flashfreeze
1 Starstorm
1 Terminate
1 Makeshift Mannequin
Artifact (5)
1 Oblivion Stone
1 Armillary Sphere
1 Fellwar Stone
1 Sol Ring
1 Lotus Bloom
Enchantment (6)
1 Enslave
1 The Abyss
1 Mind Control
1 Leyline of Anticipation
1 Take Possession
1 Animate Dead
Land (40)
1 Bloodstained Mire
1 Crumbling Necropolis
1 Volcanic Island
1 Crosis’s Catacombs
1 Creeping Tar Pit
1 Gargoyle Castle
1 Vesuva
1 Underground Sea
1 Vivid Crag
1 Izzet Boilerworks
1 Rupture Spire
1 Dimir Aqueduct
1 Urborg Volcano
1 Akoum Refuge
1 Scalding Tarn
1 Drowned Catacomb
1 Shivan Reef
1 Terramorphic Expanse
1 Polluted Delta
1 Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace
1 Badlands
1 Jwar Isle Refuge
1 Exotic Orchard
1 Grixis Panorama
1 Barren Moor
5 Mountain
6 Swamp
4 Island
Other (1)
1 Evil Presents
101 Cards

The other two deck featured Elspeth and Ajani to face off against everyone’s most talked about Dragon planeswalker.





UFS State of the Game – April 2017

Jasco recently unveiled a ton of exciting news for UFS – Universal Fighting System. Sweet products and changes to tournament structures. Here’s a brief run-down as far as new products go


This is just infinite cool

Instead of the traditional starter display that we have had for quite some time in UFS, we have made the decision to give players a complete game experience for Street Fighter and introduce a 2-player turbo box, featuring Ryu vs. Chun Li. Inside the box includes 2 random Ultra Rares from the set, 2 complete Turbo Decks, 2 learn to play mats with Street Fighter posters on the back and an updated rulebook. This new take on the “Battle Box” will be something that is easily available to a much larger market, and is designed to help grow the core player base of the game.

That box art though

We are also going to be doing things a little more traditional when it comes to the release of the Street Fighter UFS set. Typically Jasco Games has done a pre-release and then an identical release a week or two after. With the introduction of Street Fighter, we will be promoting an actual “Pre-Release” event, which will allow players to see the booster material 1 week early. It will include select character full art cards for drafting, a completely new Street Fighter play mat for top performing participants and, of course, booster packs from the anticipated set! Following Pre-Release weekend, we will have the official release of Street Fighter UFS. Upon release, there will be a release kit that includes the Ryu vs. Chun Li 2-Player Turbo Boxes as well as the select format cards and more new SF play mats included in the Release Kit. Street Fighter will be tournament legal on the day of the official release.

This is just beyond words awesome!

UFS Platinum!!!

Starting later this year, Jasco Games will be releasing a whole new take on some of our older standard legal sets in UFS. UFS Platinum is a series of sets starting with Mega Man Platinum and Darkstalkers Platinum, that are intended to not only help newer players get hard to find older cards, but also incorporate a whole new type of tournament prize support for your local events! Starting with Mega Man Platinum, we will be re-releasing EVERY card from Mega Man including promo cards that were printed prior to Mega Man Battle for Power.

Every card in this set is not only re-printed, but is 100% foil with completely new foil patterns that have never before been seen in previous sets. Each platinum pack comes with 30 foil cards from the entire Mega Man franchise mentioned above as well as 2 completely unique cards that come in each of the Mega Man Platinum boxes (total of 32 foil cards per box). These boxes are intended as prize support for your local tournaments, and will also be available for individual sale. After Mega Man Platinum comes Darkstalkers Platinum which has the same formula and also 2 exclusive cards that are new to the UFS Standard environment (but may be something familiar to our veteran players). We will be showcasing some of these new platinum cards at worlds 2017 so be sure to check them out!


For more information regarding the announcements click below


Commander 2017 Update

Here’s a little info on theis year’s commander decks:


With Magic’s 25th Anniversary celebration upcoming, we’ve wrapped most of our product announcements into June, but one Wily Bandar of a set can’t wait that long—because you’re getting it earlier than normal!

This year, Commander decks return with Commander (2017 Edition) on August 25, 2017*. The set features four new tribal-themed, 100-card decks including 56 all-new Magic cards legal in Vintage and Legacy.

Yes, we are releasing four decks this year instead of the normal five, since this year’s theme isn’t based on the color wheel but some of Magic’s most popular, and interesting, tribes!

Commander (2017 Edition) decks will be released in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), and Japanese, and will have an MSRP of $34.99 (only applies to the United States).


Look for more information as we approach August 25!

*Commander (2017 Edition) will release on Magic Online in November 2017.


Exclusive Cards in the Amonkhet Planeswalker Decks

First the planeswalkers:


More spoilers to come as Amonkhet Planeswalker decklists will be released soon