FNM Promo for February 2015

disdain fnmWell, it does counter pretty much every dragon

Finally a nice little breath of fresh air in the FNM department! The other counterspell in the format (after Dissolve) is pretty cute and well designed. Whatever is left of the control players will now be pimping their UB or UW control decks with these little guys. They’re much nicer than the originals.

Here’s hoping that the next few FNM promos will continue to be relevant (tri-lands maybe?). Guess i’ll try to find more room for a full playset of these in my Temur Monsters sideboard.

disdain art


At a Magic: the Gathering store near you!

4 FNM cards are distributed – 2 to the first 2 players in the standings and 2 at random. So remember to stick around until the very end to get a chance to grab a promo even if you didn’t perform that well. You never know…

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