M14 to feature Slivers

battle sliver blur sliver

groundshake sliver sentinel sliver

steelform sliver


They’re not quite the Slivers we’re used to


It’s been a while since we haven’t seen them and Wizards of the Coast deemed it was about time to bring them back. They last appeared across the Time Spiral block and Onslaught block before that. These little slivers are a hard tribe to keep down. They seem to have taken a more humanoid form.

This time however… they don’t boost your opponent’s slivers. Oh my! that is quite a change and it avoids awkward mirror matches. The ones pictured here appear to be slightly higher costed than what we are used to. They are however just common and uncommon. We have yet to see the full legion. Legion? Perhaps a Sliver Legion reprint? Who knows.


One thing is for sure though, sadly or gladly, no Sliver Queen reprint.


no sliver queen

No, she won’t be back

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