Gatecrash Preview: Deathcult Rogue



Other rogues? Cant be much of those

Don’t be mistaken, this is not that unblockable. Almost, but not quite…

Let’s see the other Gatecrash Rogues:

Bane Alley Broker

Deathcult Rogue

Keymaster Rogue

Ogre Slumlord

Shadow Alley Denizen

Syndicate Enforcer

Undercity Informer

Of course they are mostly/totally blue or black creatures. Dimir is the lowest ranked limited guild, but this guy is one of its better cards. If you do end up in Blue/Black, don’t hesitate to shove as many of these guys in your deck so you can Cipher spells onto them.

In a low budget Dimir casual deck, be sure to try it out with a few of your spare commons. You can make a quick little deck and teach new players a few things here and there.

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