Gatecrash Preview: Cinder Elemental

cinderelementalWe’ve met before, no?

old cinder

Yeah, I remember now …

Just kidding! It’s not exactly  creature you would remember much unless you did some Mercadian Masques block limited events. It was even better back then since combat damage went on the stack and stuff.

You 100% want this in any red draft/sealed deck as it splashes well and doubles as a removal/potential win condition. If you are playing Red/White/Black, attack with Treasury Thrull and get this guy back to keep Blazing your opponent or his creatures. Not ‘blazingly fast’ though, more like ‘blazingly slow’ but it’s fine, we’re in a limited format.

He can obviously just chump a creature then tap, shoot and kill another one. Not bad at all for a little uncommon!


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