Gatecrash Preview: Bane Alley Broker


Has the name broke in it, but not exactly ‘broken’

Ah, a broker in the long line of blue brokers past:

merfolk looter lore broker civilized scholar

Looters from another mother

This one in particular does something the others don’t : it can potentially net you real cards. You see, the others only switch one card for another at times. This one has a little sac (like in the World of Warcraft online game) that allows it to store the cards for possible later use. It’s a simple mechanic but I like it a lot. Early on, you might want to loot away your business spells for lands. Then when you can potentially cast your bigger card, you can activate her ability to recover one of the cards you ‘temporarily stored’ under her.

Again, its applications are probably limited to limited formats (I would say Commander, but just play Archivist instead)

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