Gatecrash Preview: Hellkite Tyrant

hellkite tyrantHmm…Mycosynth Lattice anyone?

Here comes another menacing dragon! In all seriousness though, how is this going to see play in Standard? Are you going to play ALL the Keyrunes ? Will there be some kind of cute combo with this thing? hmm… doubtful.

Mycosynth Lattice

Will they make a functional reprint of this?

Honestly the first effect on it is pretty decent. It would obviously have been better in Scars of Mirrodin Standard, but maybe we will see some awesome artifacts emerge later on in the Gatecrash spoilers. There’s Illusionist’s Bracers but that doesn’t really help out your dragon at all.

Seems like it will remain in Bulk Mythic territory for a while until some kind of use for it is uncovered. The FOIL version will probably be sought after by Commander enthusiasts and will trade rather well.

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