From the Vault: Realms Complete Spoiler (15 of 15)

1) Glacial Chasm

Not too shabby, I guess. The rumors that it may have been a Thawing Glaciers have been put to rest.

This was a one-of in the 40-something Lands deck in Legacy. It shut down insane amounts of aggro for sometimes NO life payment as you just recurred it over and over with Life From the Loam.

2) Dryad Arbor

At least some Legacy players can now ‘pimp’ their decks. However, I personally prefer the old art. This card makes it clear to all that it is a forest and all, but it also kind of makes it look like a ‘proxy’ card for some reason.

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know…

3) Forbidden Orchard

This reprint seem legit. It’s good in multiplayer EDH to temporarily buy yourself an ally by perhaps providing someone with a chump blocker and it gives you any color mana as well. I think the art on it is on par with the old version as well.

4) Grove of the Burn Willows

A much appreciated reprint for Legacy as it has been banned in Modern (well, technically the card that combos with it was, Punishing Fire) . Very acceptable for EDH as well since the one life gain is somewhat never an issue. Again, can be used to buy yourself an ally if you can save someone who was about to die on the nose (unlikely in EDH) but you never know.

Art-wise, I am still a fan of the old kind of charcoal-color feel the trees have. And yes, I adore the Future Sight frame. It’s neat and well thought out as far as design goes. Th new one seems less stylized, and blends in more with a lot of the other lands/backgrounds. It doesn’t stand out enough to make a newer player exclaim: ” What on Earth is that?”

5) Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Wow! I think a reprint of this has been long awaited. Playable in just about every format it’s legal in, this land is always in high demand by new players and old. It, along with maybe Wasteland were the most anticipated ones. We have no confirmation on Wasteland so far, but we can hope. It would totally help in bringing down the barrier to entry in Legacy somewhat. Of course, this is depending on how likely players that buy this 15-card box are to trade them away or how much the reprints would sell for.

This one gets the same art treatment, so you can use it to bling your deck instead of having to track down an expensive original foil one.

6) Murmuring Bosk

Another reprint I can really get behind. It’s a fetchable dual-painland hybrid that can maybe not come into play tapped depending on the deck. Usually used in old Standard, Extended and Modern Doran decks, this land will always fix your color issues. If you play some kind of GWB deck in Legacy you can also kind of use it if Overgrown Tombs and Bayous are a little too pricy for your taste.

It’s also pretty cute that it has the little forest symbol in grey as a watermark. Comes out clean and is a great way to remember that it always counts as a forest. Nice job on that on Wizards!

I think also be more of an indication that the Shocklands from Ravnica are returning in the Return to Ravnica block. Having the split symbols on the Shocklands would be a dream come true for some players. There have been rumors that they may also be full-art ( a la Zendikar) as well, but let’s not get carried away here, eh?

In conclusion, I believe this From the Vault box in particular will be a real hot ticket item, more so than all previous versions combined. The Legends version was the least popular and is still obtainable in certain retail store for a not too high price. i really don’t see this happening with this From the Vault series.

7) Maze of Ith

Just recently announced.

Wow!!!! just wow! talk about addign value to this From the Vault series.

8) Ancient Tomb

Legacy players rejoice! This one was a long time coming, especially in the stompy builds.

It was a rather costly uncommon too.

9) Vesuva

This time the EDH community gets a nod. Not bad at all. How many FTV: Realms are you all planning to buy?

10) Cephalid Colisseum

A Legacy Dredge mainstay is now a From the Vault foil. Not bad, seeing as how a foil version of this uncommon runs you about 15$.

11) Desert

I guess they have to print some bad ones sometimes. Maybe if you play FOIL Pauper EDH. LOL!

12) Shivan Gorge

Speaking of bad reprints. Eh! You can’t win ’em all. I guess you don’t want this whole box to seem like a total cash grab…

13) Windbrisk Heights

Hm, they printed one of each ‘colored’ ability lands. This one was a staple in Lorwyn Standard Kithkin and I believe some Extended and Modern decks. All in all, some good value on this one for all formats it would be legal in (ie: all but the current Standard).

14) High Market

A wonderful little gem here!

I don’t believe they were allowed to reprint Diamond Valley. This is pretty much what you think it is: an EDH card.

It’s kind of important to be able to sacrifice your permanents for value or to save them from Control Magic effects in EDH and that is what this card does for your creatures. The 1 life gain is usually irrelevant, that much should be obvious.

A foil version of this card was quite pricey so this can now be an auto-include in all-FOIL EDH decks .

15) Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Almost exclusively an EDH card, it does see some fringe play in Modern and Legacy formats alike. Definitely a nice card in casual formats if you are tired of the control player in your playgroup.

I’d say this is one of the money card in the box set. Probably what I would consider the middle ground of the box, financially speaking.

I was a fan of the art on it, so it’s cool that they kept it intact.

+) Moving Forward …

Hopefully these reprints will breathe some more life back into Legacy and EDH for now and make the game as a whole more accessible to those who really want to play it.

Let us know what you think about this awesome little box of value by commenting this post.

Until then, may you never have to shuffle a Battle of Wits deck!

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