Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duels first Booster

Konami Digital Entertainment will release Arena of Lost Souls, the first booster for its Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Speed Duel on March 29.

The Speed Dueling format for Yu-Gi-Oh! will launch on January 25 (see “New Details, Pic for ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Speed Dueling Launch”). Speed Duel – Arena of Lost Souls adds 50 new cards : 45 new-to-Speed Duel cards and 5 Skill cards. The booster includes 34 Commons, 8 Super Rares, and 8 Ultra Rares.

Yugi gets a new Skill that allows him to harness the Royal Knights. Ishizu will get a new Skill and some new tools to support the Gravekeeper’s strategy. A new character will also be introduced in this booster – Bonz – the original master of Zombies. He will add 3 new Skill cards to harness his strategy.