UFS: Blood Omen Nehtali and Lily Spoilers

So, a few more cards for the female cast of UFS: Blood Omen were spoiled a while back:

cowboy-battery gaining-ground hellgate lily-face mine-trigger miska nhetali phantom-driver silver-fang-salvo spirit-of-the-wolf support-fire tactical-adv the-white-house up-in-smoke war-for-arm wolfbane

That new card frame sure is going to take some getting used to.


The Blood Omen expansion will consist of 144 cards. The core set will be released on December 16th, with booster packs comprised of 10 cards each.

UFS: Blood Omen Alice Spoilers

UFS: Blood Omen is releasing soon and we have a small batch of cards featuring Alice who was a very minor character in the other sets.

a-new-all answer-to-none alice-fac deliverance solomon-teachings steel-resurection

The artwork is quite different from the other cards spoiled thus far. Deliverance also makes an appearance as the UFS: Blood Omen playmat.

ufs-matMuch nicer art up close

UFS: Red Horizon Blood Omen Previews

The card frame has changed and we get some sweet new art. Here are cards spoiled thus far:

misk2 miska1 miska3

Miska, how we’ve missed you

water-boils water-freezes

Water title, no water symbol? Odd…

vince1 vince2 vince3 vince4

Some of the Vincent Grey support


Sweet way to prevent some character combos

breath-of-jade transmutation

A couple of sweet cards for Mei-Lin who didn’t get much in the previous sets

Overall, this is looking to be a really nice set, but I’m unsure on how I feel about the new card frame and some of the art.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/PlayUFS/